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Blog Tour: The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia LeFay + GIVEAWAY!

The Anatomy of Jane
by Amelia LeFay
WJM #1
Publication Date: May 31, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance


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I’ve always been on my own. My life used to consist of nothing but work, keeping Allen out of trouble, and if I had time, sleep. Then I became their maid.


Every day more than half a million people tune in to watch my show. They trust me. I know it’s because I’m the only son of the prominent Emerson family. However, I like to believe it because I’m honest no matter what story I report on. I’m honest about everything but the man I’ve been f**king for the last four years… and now her.


I want three things: First, Maxwell Emerson and Jane Chapman both in my bed. Second, to be the best bloody chef in the country. Third, to figure out how to simultaneously get the first and second things I want without any of us getting hurt.




Christy's 5 star review! 

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I’m going to start this review off with a warning… Once you start The Anatomy of Jane, clear your schedule. Seriously. You won’t be able to put this one down! At the end of every chapter you’ll be wanting more! I love books with a taboo element, but this book was special in so many ways besides being just taboo. Was it steamy? Hell yes. Off the charts. But that’s not all it was. It had an interesting and captivating story, strong and fascinating characters and a lot of heart!

Jane Chapman hasn’t had the easiest life. She doesn’t have a family and she’s had to work hard for everything she has. Right now, she’s working as a maid. She happens to be cleaning for the elusive Maxwell Emerson. While cleaning one day, she learns a secret of Maxwell’s. He has a lover. Chef Wesley Uhler. Wes is, for lack of a better term, Max’s dirty little secret. Max comes from an affluent political family and being gay or bisexual would not be taken well. Jane is sworn to secrecy, but more that that, she’s intrigued by them. Seeing them together, well, it was the most erotic experience of her life.

It comes to light that the men are as equally intrigued by Jane. What starts as sexual attraction between the three turns into so much more.

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The thing I loved best about this book is that it never felt like one of them was being left out or felt less than then the other. They were three equals. Three equals who were falling for each other. There is no love triangle. There is no cheating. There is just three people who unconventionally and unequivocally fall for one another.

“I’m in love with her and I’m in love with Maxwell. I don’t know if it’s equal. How do you measure if you love someone? If they were both hanging on a cliff, and I could only choose one, I‘d join them on the cliff and hope we go together. I can’t divide myself from them.”

If you love M/M or M/M/F books, I can’t urge you enough to give this one a try! And even if that’s not your thing, I would still recommend it. The story is just that good! The end does have a cliffhanger, but it’s not the kind of cliffy that made me rage, it’s the kind that makes me so freaking excited for the next book! I am dying for this sequel!

If you’re looking for a crazy hot, taboo, fun and feeling story with a feisty and strong heroine and two amazing heroes, this is a must read! 5 stars!

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About Amelia LeFay

Amelia LeFay is a character of my own imagination. She’s a single woman in her mid twenties in love with sex. Dirty sex, rough sex, sex of any type. She’s not a whore or a slut. She believes a woman should be aloud to sexually express herself anyway she wishes.

She stands for Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, the rights of Minorities, and Environmental protection.

She can be a bitch but doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that.

She has uneven boobs, stretch marks on her ass, astigmatism, and thighs that rub together as she walks. (Which means no pair of jeans last as long as she wishes they would.)

But most importantly Amelia is a Dreamer…she has dreams so big it scares even her, because if she fails…if she can’t make it…she feels like nothing.


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