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Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)Real by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


   photo 7b4223d4-dde7-4f36-a2b1-549f5ff1fe27_zps8bd161a4.jpg

We’ll get right to it... The main attraction:

  Remington ‘Riptide’ Tate

   photo 1d602898-d106-4144-ae78-3f417c46e6ed_zpsb8001499.jpg

This guy is too much. Too much male. Too much masculinity and pure raw beats. Put together, he’s just like sex on a stick.

One thing you should know about him right away...
   photo 78f51ea1-c115-4218-a9f1-0ed6862dee0b_zps89c173ad.jpg

And just a warning, this book will get you
   photo G4_zpsc7a64001.gif

Okay, okay... now for the actual review.

Brooke gets dragged to an underground fight one night with her best friends Melanie. Brooke isn’t the type of girl that usually goes to these types of things. She is a recent college grad and is specializing in sports medicine/therapy. Brooke spent most of her life training for the Olympics, until she hurt her knee. Now she is just interested in helping other athletes. While watching the last fight, she see’s someone that gets her attention. Remington. He notices her right away. Remy is a very popular fighter. The whole crowd is cheering for him. But he only has eyes for Brooke.

   photo f759e367-0fa5-40fa-973f-8bd67e8c3317_zps7b7d19fb.jpg

“Your name”

“Uh, Brooke.”
“Brooke what?”

“It’s Brooke Dumas.
“Brooke Dumas.”

He just fucked my name right in front of me.


Brooke feels the heat from Remy. She has never had these types of feelings. Pure lust. Remy gets ahold of Brooke and invites her to the next fight. She goes, expecting to get with Remy. He offers her a job. Go on the fight tour with him for the next 3 months. She accepts. As Brooke and Remy get to know each other, they communicate mostly through lyrics. Each picking songs to play to each other on their ipods describing how they feel. (LOVED this)

   photo e4d75608-ecd1-4cf7-ad58-4bca46291f45_zps4a0eb5ee.jpg

The longer they are together, the more the sexual tension between them builds... and builds... and builds... It gets to the point where the reader is ready to combust, along with Brooke! But Remy knows Brooke is special. He wants to take his time with her, let her really get to know him.

   photo 5c79a789-1715-40d8-80d2-02c4139726c3_zps649cf505.jpg

Remy has another side to him. A side no one really see’s, except his PA Pete, and his two coaches. He wants Brooke to know everything, but he is afraid she will run
   photo d70bea6f-f423-41e6-bdb7-df578c65e2b3_zps23907968.jpg

Brooke finds out,(view spoiler)[Remy is bipolar and has very drastic highs and lows, manic episodes to the extreme. (hide spoiler)] but she doesn’t care. She is already in too deep with Remy. She wants to be with him.
He’s my fighter, and I really want to fight to be with him.

Remy wants to make sure things are REAL between them before they take that step.
“Why’d you want to have sex with me? To have a fucking adventure? What was I supposed to be? Your one-night-fucking stand? I’m every woman’s adventure, damn you, and I don’t want to be yours. I want to be your fucking REAL. You get that? If I fuck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine. I want you to give yourself to me- not Riptide!”


And once they do... HOLY HELL IT IS HOT!!!!!
   photo e638e5fb-d3ac-4898-9569-3dc3c12b1bb7_zpsf53e2509.jpg

Everything is good for a while... Brooke and Remy are inseparable. There are some smoking hot scenes... Seriously! Wow- Remy, wow. In the gym on the mats, shower, bed, anywhere and everywhere. Remy cannot get enough.  It’s all good.
“It’s because of you. I am deliriously happy. Completely at home wherever you are.”


Then Brooke finds out that her sister is trouble... does something completely DUMB and Remy finds out... It triggers an episode from there. Are Brooke and Remy strong enough to survive one of his episodes, or will they crash and burn...

How I felt about REMY-
   photo 3f1d0ae3-742b-4b18-a71d-c892da801a6d_zps3e29b8c8.jpg

He’s not just a star, he’s the whole fucking sky to me. He’s the sun and every planet in the galaxy.

I freaking loved this man! READ THIS NOW JUST TO MEET REMY!!!! Never in my life have I been that turned on by a fictional character. He is hot, sexy, sweet, and damaged. My perfect man! He has a messed up and tortured past, his parents are awful, he’s been through a lot- but he is just all kinds of WONDERFUL!!!!!
I did like Brooke most of the time too. She aggravated me once or twice with her poor decisions, but she always meant well. I understood why she did what she did. I loved how she was with Remy.

This one is going straight on my favorites shelf!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!!! Looking for a hot read and a new book boyfriend- READ THIS!!!

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ARC review of This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man Confessed (This Man, #3)This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* spoiler free review

I received an ARC of This Man Confessed through Net Galley and Forever(Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for my honest review.

5 Central Jesse Cloud Nine Stars!

You've taken me completely, baby. You've swallowed me up and drowned me in your beauty and spirit. You know I can't function without you. You've made me want to live a worthy existence--a life with you. All I need is you--to look at you; to listen to you; to feel you. To love you."

Jesse Ward, Lord of the Sex Manor, just melts my heart. This series was wonderful and I feel like Jodi Ellen Malpas has ended it perfectly.

 photo about-me-beach-calendar-options-couple-cute-couple-Favimcom-143393copy.jpg

Throughout the entire book I was screaming at Jesse and Ava and their challenging ways. It seems that whatever bad stuff could happen, did happen. We are met with so many of the previous characters from Jesse and Ava's past so you can easily imagine how bad things get. And then there is the new people we meet and find out some very interesting things about Mr. Jesse Ward that will shock you and break your fucking heart!

So many people complain of Jesse and his controlling ways, well read this book and you will find out why he truly is the way he is. It's heart-wrenching the things this man has endured in his life. But yet, he still manages to love Ava unconditionally. "Do you feel that?" He flattens my palms on his chest and holds them there firmly. "It was made to love you, Ava. For too long it was useless, redundant, not required. Now it's gone into overdrive. It swells with happiness when I look at you. It splinters with pain when we fight. And it beats wildly when I make love to you. Maybe I go overboard with my love, but that's never going to change. I'll love you this fiercely until the day I die, baby."

After I started reading this book, I had to stop to go to work and I sat at my desk thinking about what was going to happen and chill bumps would rise on my arms because I was that enthralled by the story. My emotions were all over the place, I wanted to scream at them one minute and then my heart was bursting with joy at how easily they could overcome that obstacle.

I don't know why but for some reason I absolutely loved when Jesse referred to Ava as lady. "Sarcasm doesn't suit you, lady" I would smile every time he said something like that and it was often!

The epilogue.....holy smokes we get some of Jesse's POV and its brilliant! The love this man has in him is breathtakingly beautiful. There is so much more I want to say, but I can't talk about anything without giving away the story and trust me this is one of those books you need to read without knowing much about it because when the story unfolds you want to experience it with them.

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Christy's 4.5 star review of 'Bully' by Penelope Douglas

BullyBully by Penelope Douglas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Crazy good stars!

   photo 675d5263-c07e-436f-b425-ff16c4af2841_zpsa257d1c3.jpg

For her whole high school career, Tate has been bullied. By one person in particular... Jared. Jared is Tate’s neighbor and used to be Tate’s best friend, but now, he isn’t. He is just someone who enjoys making her life hell.

   photo 340a1bbb-32fd-4f26-bc86-93220a3f4f3b_zpsbac637a2.jpg

I had loved Jared once, but now I knew, without a doubt, that ‘my Jared’ was gone.

The worst part about it? The summer before their freshman year of highschool, Jared went to stay with his dad. When he came home, he was different. He wanted nothing to do with Tate. And she has no idea why.

   photo 6b8f25cd-0002-4415-b678-9a15b9353bfb_zpsa346fa5c.jpg

Thats the worst feeling in the world. To be that close to someone, to love them, and for them to start treating you terribly. It’s like she doesn’t even know him anymore.

   photo 98a1faeb-cb73-4bd7-971c-511ce2fafd61_zpscba1adde.jpg

Tate goes to Europe for her whole junior year. She sort of becomes her own while she is over there. She comes home for her senior year, ready to start fresh. She is determined to ignore Jared’s antics, have a good year, and make the most of her last year of high school.

   photo Bully-1bringmedown_zps0fe57ee5.jpg

She is sick of all of Jared and his friend’s crap. She won’t put up with it anymore.

   photo 1b2434f2-2352-40b7-ac49-7a91c8dbafe3_zps8ce8b4c6.jpg

Tate is feisty. Strong willed. Tough. She was an awesome heroine. And Jared... Oh my Jared....
This may make me seem a little crazy- but I will just say it right now. I LOVE JARED. Okay, a lot of people loved Jared by the end of the book. Not me. I loved him the entire time I read this book. He was a jerk. An asshole. A bully. But there was just something about him that pulled me to him... I was rooting for him the whole book, so yay!
Once he said “If I ever lay my hands on you, you’ll want it.” I was a goner. Let me throw this out there. I don’t like ‘bullies’. Picking on people for any reason is not cool. There was just something about this guy... you could tell he and Tate had a love/hate thing going on, and I could tell there was some reason he was acting the way he was.

After Tate starts sticking up for herself, things start to change for her and Jared. Not at first, at first he is still just as determined to piss her off as ever. He even messes around with her best friend just to get a rise out of her. As the story builds, you can’t help but notice the sexual tension between these two, and the protectiveness Jared has over Tate. Eventually, things between them escalate.

   photo 4653bcf6-5fd9-4e21-b819-ab3d86d7bf7e_zps2493c625.jpg

This is hard for Tate to come to terms with. On one hand, this guy was her best friend for years. She has always loved him, she is very attracted to him. She just doesn’t think she can trust him. Jared still isn’t ready to open up to Tate. He doesn’t feel like he can tell her why he has been the way he has been all those years. All he can do is apologize.
“I won’t hurt you. I’ll never hurt you again. I’m sorry.”


But is that ever going to be enough for Tate? Can she ever trust Jared, or is it all just some ploy to get to her again?

   photo 2baa6747-83f3-4df2-a0bb-250d76306c18_zpsa6e28adc.jpg

Once I started this book, I had trouble putting it down! It captivated me from the beginning. This is a topic not everyone is comfortable reading about, but I think it was pretty awesome that she went with it. And for being a YA book- there was some really nice steam in there ;))
An emotional story about love, friendship, standing up for yourself, and forgiveness. A wonderful debut novel!

   photo 5929874a-3b73-4ac0-89e2-120dae949c59_zpsce6f5544.jpg

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*PREVIEW* Keeping Her by Cora Carmack

Cora and Jay Crownover will be participating in a Goodreads chat on 6/26. Here is the link:

And Cora will be hosting a FAKING IT book club on Cora’s facebook page on 6/27 from 3-4 p.m. EDT where you can live chat with Cora about the book and ask her all your burning questions. Here's the link for Cora's Facebook:

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Hello fellow Book Babes! So Christy and I are still learning how to do all this blogging stuff, including the tours and we are trying to keep up, so please be patient with us as we learn our way. Our facebook page is currently at 450 likes, Yikes! We are truly thankful for each and everyone of you, and we want to show our appreciation. So we decided we would each pick a book that really spoke to us and gift 3 copies of each book as our appreciation to you and the author who worked hard on that book. And we each will gift a $25 amazon gift card! So that makes 8 total winners!

We will post our reviews of the books we chose on the blog for everybody to read.

So go enter our rafflecopter giveaway, and tell your friends while your at it!

Thanks again,

Reanell and Christy

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Christy's Favorite book of 2013 (So far...) The Tied Man

The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1)The Tied Man by Tabitha McGowan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Phenomenal Stars!!!!!

This is not an easy book to review... It wasn’t an easy book to read. All of the heartbreak and devastation was worth it. Such a beautiful story with characters you will fall in love with, and other characters you will despise.  Here goes nothing...

This was a story about an artist named Lilith

   photo 531c7e28-8724-4cda-9b1b-af18a283f123_zps58f6cbaa.jpg

Lilith gets stuck doing a work of art for Lady Blaine Albermarle. While there, she meets Finn Strachan.

The very first time I met him, Finn Strachan stole my breath.
   photo 3cd19299-0fb2-44b8-b273-1ce367952713_zps4bfb570e.jpg

  “Just out of interest, what did you make of my Finn?”

“Probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

Finn is living as Blaine’s ‘companion’ but thats not the whole story... Finn is trapped. He is pretty much forced to do whatever Blaine and her guests want and if he doesn’t there are consequences.

   photo fa307f65-8b24-40bc-9745-3e06a297a2ad_zpsb90a0d35.jpg

This doesn’t sit well with Lili. She and Finn develop a friendship. Blaine is not happy that Lili won’t give in to her, but she won’t take advantage of Finn. Finn only does what he does because he has to. Blaine has this way of manipulating everyone. (view spoiler)[ She holds the only people dear to Finn over his head, his two sisters. She does the same to Lil with her little brother. She is so evil!!!  (hide spoiler)]

“Y’ know what my job is, huh? It’s to say ‘Yes’ and keep saying it until whoever’s paying decides they’ve had enough. It doesn’t matter if I’m not happy, or if it disgusts me, or even if it hurts like I’d rather fucking die. So deal with it. I have to.”

Finn will break your heart. I had to take frequent breaks while reading this, it all got to be too much for me. If you are anything like me, there will be tears and wine involved.

Lili wants nothing more than to help Finn. She develops stronger feelings for him and feels her control slipping. Soon, Blaine realizes this and uses it against her.

   photo db34134f-91cc-4819-8b0b-b2610106cdb1_zps7b8dec52.jpg

Lilith knows there is something special about Finn, and if he is forced to continue this life, it will break him. He deserves so much more than the hand he has been dealt.

    “You deserve better.”

“Lili- no ones ever done anything like this for me. Ever. Are you hearing me? I sure as hell know I wouldn’t have taken the risks you did today just for a whore.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s what I am.”

“It’s what she makes you do. It’s not who you are.”


Finn is broken, but Lili gives him strength. I will never forget these two... such memorable characters. Lili is strong and independent. I really loved how she handled things, especially at the end. She never gave up on Finn. Finn was sweet, kind, and funny. He was also helpless, hopeless and depressed. Lili gave him help, hope and happiness. Such a beautiful story.

   photo 8857d810-e804-4bc9-bb6e-c6a7aa8fb718_zps5d938f19.jpg

I can guarantee that as much as you love Lilith and Finn (and you will LOVE Lili and Finn) you will HATE Blaine. Worst, most terribly disgusting character ever! Tabitha really knows how to right a villain!!! Coyle is a second runner up... they are both all kinds of awful!

While reading, you will have to repeat this to yourself over and over, I found myself constantly forgetting:
   photo GIFS5_zpsc0900bb7.jpg

This one gutted me. Parts of this book, I felt destroyed. I stayed up half the night reading, then I had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t get Finn and Lilith out of my head. It was terrible. One of the most intense books I have ever read. This book made me feel... I don’t even know how to describe it.
   photo gif-eos1_zps7d86dbab.gif

I do know that I will be recommending it to everyone! It is a must read, and towards the top of my favorites shelf!

My favorite line in the book....
   photo 28d2d161-e2c0-4bd2-a08f-f270b4c94d97_zps77f7be15.jpg

My ONLY complaint about this book has now been deemed useless... I was going to say, even though I loved the ending, I wish we would have gotten an epilogue or something, but now there is a second book coming out which is even better!!! If you haven’t picked this one up, you need to!!!

   photo d5d1b9c7-97f0-49eb-8607-85466d0b4ed0_zpsb7c43ecf.jpg

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Nicole Edwards Devotion

Devotion (Club Destiny, #5)Devotion by Nicole Edwards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+++++ Stars

Nicole Edwards mind amazes me, absolutely amazes me. This woman knows how to write a love story, and of course some major hot sex scenes. With each and every book she takes us even further into these characters and I feel what each of them feel. Temptation was my favorite book by Nicole, I just instantly fell in love with Luke, Cole and Sierra. When I found out Nicole was working on more for Luke, Cole, and Sierra I was jumping up and down with excitement.

With Devotion we get more into the threesome relationship and all the insecurities that come with it. Instead of dealing with pleasing one person you have 3 hearts coming into play and its that much harder to satisfy each person if everybody involved doesn't express their desires.  photo 3Hearts-Pink.jpg

We got to see another side of Luke and Cole in Devotion. Luke lost most of his growly temper and Cole seemed to take some of that from him. I loved hearing Luke smiling more and being more open with his feelings. However, both men were still insecure with the fantasies they were harboring inside of them. Which leads to a very emotional and pivotal point in their relationship.
 photo tumblr_lqluw98O2o1qbo6vuo1_500-1.jpg

When Cole voiced his insecurities, I felt like my heart was going to break in 2 and I cried like a baby. And then add in Luke's insecurities and I was a complete mess.

Sierra is just a beautiful soul, I love how open and understanding she is with these 2 men. She seems to know exactly what each of them need. She knows that they each need something different from the relationship and when they need it. And then add in sweet little baby Hannah and how amazing each father is with her and I got teary eyed again.

And the ending. WOW I don't want to spoil this for anybody so that's all I'm going to say about that. Trust me when I say, this a book worth reading. Nicole Edwards NEVER disappoints!

Link to Nicole's website

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Monday, June 17, 2013


Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, #3)Complete Me by J. Kenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given an ARC through Net Galley for my honest review

Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, #3)

J. Kenner

5 of 5 stars

Complete Me is the 3rd installment of Damien Stark, and I have to say the title is pure perfection, because after I finished reading I felt like I was left complete. I know your probably thinking its another hot billionaire story, but that is so far from the truth. Damien and Nikki are at the top of my favorite book couples list. They are a couple who both have flaws, and love each other more because of those flaws.

 photo couple-1.jpg

And sex, god the sex is off the charts HOT. In the limo, in the air, over a desk, tied up, blindfolded. You name it and it happened!

 photo zr2-Couple--bdsm--ero--parovi-crnobelo--PICS-FROM-HERE--ceca--hot-couple--flirty--sexy--VinchCouple--zr2-4_large.jpg

J. Kenner takes you on a wild ride with Damien's trial, to Nikki's stalker and the paparazzi being there at every turn. And yet nothing is revealed until the perfect time. I loved EVERYTHING about this series and I feel like she did a wonderful job of ending the series. Yes I would have liked to have an epilogue with insights to Damien and Nikki's future, but hey we don't always get what we want right?

This series comes highly recommended from me, I give the highest rating 5+++Stars

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A MUST READ!!! 'Branded' by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki

I just read THE BEST book the other day... It's a debut novel by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki and it's due to be released on June 28th, 2013. It is a MUST READ!!! Especially for fans of dystopian, but I think anyone reader will love this! It was comparable to 'The Hunger Games' (but in my opinion, it was better than HG). I just loved it! 

Branded (Sinners, #1)Branded by Abi Ketner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


   photo f2a2acbb-4ac4-4ca9-a591-aa926c4b7cf8_zpsac2bb85f.jpg

What can I say about this book... I feel like anything I write isn’t going to do it justice. I read it 4 or 5 days ago and I’m STILL trying to come up with something good enough. I was blown away. Incredible, Phenomenal, Amazing... those are the first words that pop into my head! This is one of those books I will be recommending to anyone and everyone!

This is Lexi’s story.
   photo 76dd988c-7711-47cc-97d7-ab5f6ffc63cf_zps691ceca4.jpg

The world is different now. Years ago, after WWV, the justice system was revamped by ‘The Commander.’ People no longer have trials, there is no ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ If you are accused, you are automatically a Sinner and placed in the Hole. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, thats just the way it is.

   photo 41a3fdf9-b9a8-4437-ac86-28b8bd952f9d_zps01613db7.jpg

Once at the Hole, you get Branded. It is a painful process. You will forever be identified by your sin.
At what point do they believe what’s been branded on their skin instead of just knowing who they are inside?

   photo ca71127c-5fd6-42f0-baa3-65077aa8c04f_zps863318a0.jpg

The Commander is under the impression that these seven sins lead to the destruction of  civilization, so if you are accused of one, you are branded that color. Lexi is branded blue. She is wrongfully accused, but she doesn’t stand up for herself. Would it matter if she did? Probably not. She has her reasons for not fighting...
The Hole had to be better than the hell she was already living in.

Each of the Sinners are assigned a guard. It is the guards responsibility to make sure the Sinner stays in line, gets to work and back etc. Having a guard doesn’t mean much in the Hole. People die every day.
Lexi’s guards name is Cole.

   photo 64a52598-c012-4117-b2a3-ecebf12c8d45_zps773f90bd.jpg

Cole is amazing. If Lexi had any other guard besides Cole, she would be doomed. Cole figures out pretty quickly that Lexi is different than most of the other Sinners. Cole is most definitely different than other guards. He shows that pretty quickly with how he treats Lexi, and the things he does for her (Alyssa ♥). They start to fall for one another. But it’s not safe for either one. Relationships between Sinners and guards have severe punishment. Torture. Death. The feelings they have for one another are scary.

   photo bee14376-233e-405e-93cc-df373d2eb603_zps4960bcb0.jpg

The consequences of them being together could be dire.
“I never planned on falling for you. You were just an assignment. But it just sort of happened and now look where I am. Stuck between two walls that won’t budge either way. I’m trapped by you and my obligations as a guard.”


It’s official. Cole stole my heart. There is just something about this guy, he had me swooning like no other. He was protective of Lexi from the beginning. The things that came out of his mouth...

   photo 045e8d35-71b2-442f-b23b-625b73fb964e_zps5aceebd4.jpg

“You showed me what it’s like to really care about a person for the first time in my life, and now that I have you, I’m not going to let  you go.”


Lexi is one of the toughest heroines I have ever come across. She has been through so much in her life, yet she still is able to survive, to love, to help. She is a courageous. She is a survivor.
Whatever the cost, I’ll fight. This is as ready as I’ll ever be.

The relationship between Cole and Lexi was a big part of the book, but there was another part just as big. There is a war going on. The people of the Hole are fighting back. There is destruction, violence, etc. This is not a happy story. It can be down right gruesome at times, but its also very beautiful. Lexi has a choice to make. For her- the choice is easy. If Lexi has any chance of getting free, of being with Cole, she has to fight.

   photo e34e70c3-a496-433d-b991-161b5fe73573_zpsbab9322c.jpg

There were so many twists and turns at the end, some things I really didn’t see coming. I had so much going on the day I read this, but every thing else went on hold. I couldn’t stop reading once I picked this up, and you won’t be able to either. The ending wasn’t a cliffhanger, but I am still very anxious to read the second installment!

   photo 8ed11472-0272-4ae8-aee7-5e0ad394b426_zpsc8ba4baa.jpg

This is by far one of the best books I have read this year. It’s one of those books... 5 stars is just not enough! It was emotional, moving, powerful, and just all around a great read. The writing was fantastic. It has love/romance, some violence, suspense, it’s a dark read, but it also had some moments that were completely heartwarming. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed ‘The Hunger Games’, but personally, I feel that this was MUCH BETTER than ‘The Hunger Games.’ I can’t believe this is a debut novel. Lexi and Cole’s story touched my heart. The next book can’t come out soon enough. This book is to be released on June 28th, 2013 and I would recommend EVERYONE pick it up and read it! It was that good!

**ARC provided by authors via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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