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Celebrating 2,000 likes on Facebook

Christy and I are blown away by the support we have received in the blogging community. We started our blog and Facebook page to share our love of the books we read. And we are very humbled to have been welcomed with open arms! So thank you, each and every one of you for following us along on our blogging journey!

 photo Thank-You.jpgAs a special thank you we are hosting a giveaway, some are donations from other great blogs and some from authors themselves. Christy and I wanted to share a couple of books with you that were our favorites from the month of July. I chose Left Drowning by Jessica Park and Christy chose More than This by Jay McLean. We will gift 1 copy of each book to 2 lucky winners.

And I want to give a special shout out to a very special lady at S&M Book Obsessions, Mistress M has been amazing these last several months in helping me in every way possible. We are gonna get to meet in Vegas for The Naughty Mafia and I'm really excited about that! I do believe that we are going to cause all kinds of trouble together!

Hey Mistress M this is for you

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Happy reading everybody and good luck!

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August 2013 New Releases!

If you are anything like me, you have trouble keeping track of all the fantastic books being released each month... I'm sure I am missing some, but these are the new releases I have on my reading calendar for August! There are a lot of good ones on here, babes! If you know of any others I can add on, let me know! 

5th- Working It- Kendall Ryan
6th- Here Without You- Tammara Webber (Between the Lines #4)
6th- Wicked Beat- Olivia Cunning (Sinners #4)
*6th- Redemption of Callie and Kayden- Jessica Sorensen (Callie and Kayden #2)
6th- Out of Play- Nyrae Dawn/ Jolene Perry
11th- Love Me- Jillian Dodd (Keatyen Chronicles #4)
16th- Stripped- Jasinda Wilder
19th- Times Forbidden Flower- Diane Rinella
20th- Fell the Rush- Kelsie Leverich 
20th- Shooting Scars- Karina Halle 
20th- Into the Deep- Samantha Young
20th- Weathering the Storm (TMS #2)
27th- Origin (Lux #4) 

*Possible early release on 7/30/13

Katie Mac's Searching for Tomorrow Cover Reveal


What happens when you find the one person who completes you, and then life conspires against you? How do you set your grief and anguish aside? How do you pick up the shattered pieces, put those pieces back together again, and try to move on?

Katie and Tripp met on the playground the first day of third grade when Tripp tried to rescue Katie from Zack, her twin brother. A lifelong friendship that later blossomed into love began that day.

Broken beyond her own ability to repair, Katie boxes her grief up and attempts to raise her three girls the best she can on her own. As time slowly passes, Katie relives her times with Tripp while struggling most days to even get out of bed. She is reminded of him at every turn.

Zack is Katie's twin brother and was Tripp's best friend. Having lost his own love, he dedicates himself to helping Katie put her life back together. Throw in a mother-in-law who torments at every turn and poor Katie can't even find a chance to breathe, much less a desire to somehow search for tomorrow. 

Author Interview:

Tell us 5 surprising things about yourself.
  • 1.     I am a PK. If you know what that means, then you know what that means.
    2.     I have always wanted to be a red head with long, beautiful corkscrew curls.
    3.     No matter what I’m doing, I would rather be outside, day or night, hot or cold, rain or shine.
    4.     I was awarded two separate scholarships when I graduated high school. One was a teaching fellowship and the other was for writing.
    5.     I love to cook, almost as much as I like to eat. I spent a couple of years as a private cook for a local family and loved every minute of it

    What is your writing environment?

At the moment, I have a makeshift office in my pantry! If need be, I can shut the door and cut off part of the noise. I hope to have a more permanent space soon.

One of your favorite quotes.

                  To whom much is given, much is required.          

Random things about my novel.

Just a bit of nonsense. I am Kathryn Anne, and my two sisters are Rebekah Elizabeth and Sarah Margaret. My husband is Channing, and my son is Zachary. One of my daughters is Elizabeth, and I still have to work my daughter Brittany into the book. Highlands is my most favorite place in the world to go when my soul need refreshing. Last, but not least, I actually had a great-grandma Tiddy!

Flirting Questions

What does love feel like? 

Warm, fuzzy, secure, safe, sheltered

How did you meet your significant other? 

In the lobby of the bank that I worked in. I was on all fours under a Christmas tree tightening the screws in the base. What can I say? Baby got back!

If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be? 

Any trip I take with Hubs is romantic. One of his favorite things to do is to whisk me away to wine and dine me.

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Absolutely! Ask me how I feel about my grandson Grayson!

Author Links


About this author If you are reading this, I think you should know that "About me" sounds so very pretentious to me. I guess that is what I am supposed to write about, so here it goes!

Katie Mac is a simple country girl who likes to spend time with her hubba, hunka hubby, her three kids and her friends. She loves to cook and really loves to eat! During the spring and summer, you will more than likely find her outside puttering around in her garden. When the veggies start coming in, she will probably be sweating over a hot canner in the kitchen, canning all the goodies she is blessed with. Katie likes to hike and go camping, and as a Girl Scout leader, she gets to do this pretty often! On cold winter nights, you will probably find her wrapped in a warm blanket, lost in a good book, while sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch!
Katie was born and raised in North Carolina, and while she loves to travel, she can't imagine ever leaving the mountains that she has come to call home. Not a day goes by that Katie doesn't thank God for abundantly blessing her. He has been so good to her, and she is very grateful. She holds Jeremiah 29:11 very close to her heart and believes it with every fiber of her being. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Katie loves flip flops, chocolate, sweet tea and dirt between her toes. As far back as she can remember, she's had a book in her hand. Reading has carried her to places she will never go. It has introduced her to people that she will never meet. When life is great and when it is rough, she's always been able to find a book to carry her through. She finally decided to write down some of the stories in her head (yes, be scared) and heart after dawdling around and wasting years dreaming. She hopes you enjoy reading those stories as much as she loves writing them!/span></span><o:p></o:p></div>
<!--EndFragment--><br />

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Slow Surrender by Cecilia Tan

Slow SurrenderSlow Surrender by Cecilia Tan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Incredible Stars

I received a copy of Slow Surrender through Net Galley and Forever(Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for my honest review.

I absolutely loved this book. Yes it has the "fantasy" aspect to it because it has the "connect at first meeting," but it worked in this case. I couldn't put this one down once I started. I've seen this compared to 50 Shades of Grey and other works related to the BDSM scene, but this one is so different. Yes it has the filthy rich man, (James) who snags a poor woman(Karina) and he has a secretive life, but that's as far as the similarities go.

Cecilia has a way to make the sex(or no sex) scenes work that is so different from what I've read in other BDSM books. It all starts with a game involving a marble, yes you read that right, a marble. You will not be able to look at a marble the same way again after reading this book.

James tells Karina she has to earn the privilege to see his cock, and at first I was skeptical because come on what guy gets a girl off several times and doesn't want anything in return? But he kept his word and seemed genuine in wanting to pleasure Karina.

He sends Karina to a spa, and I can only ask "where the hell can I find a spa like that?" He knows the person at the spa and Karina gets treated to a shave and then is introduced to a glass dildo, A DILDO! This leads to a very hot scene indeed!

James and Karina are enjoying each other immensely but soon feelings are involved and things get serious. I wasn't expecting what came next, and it sucks that that is how the book ended. It's not really a cliff hanger but yet it leaves you wanting so much more.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Good. Now if you really desire this"-he hefted his own package in his slacks-"get down on your knees and kiss it."

"I make educated guesses. the thing is, they are so busy making their assumptions that now of them will guess the truth." "The truth?" "That I am, as we speak, already fucking you right in front of them."

Slow Surrender comes highly recommended by me to anybody who likes the BDSM and bondage.

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Christy's review of 'Thief' by Tarryn Fisher

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3)Thief by Tarryn Fisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ Perfectly Imperfect Stars!

   photo eb2587b9-daca-46af-9391-864122862236_zps4f4b4436.jpg

I loved this book. I hated this book. I loved this book. I hated this book. I loved this book.

Okay, you get it. Tarryn Fisher can mess with your mind like no other. Her writing is incredible. Her characters are unforgettable. No surprise, this was a 5 star read for me. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could... SO many feelings SO many emotions. I’ve struggled to write this review, collecting your thoughts on a book like this isn’t easy, but here ya go!

Thief is written mostly all from Caleb’s pov. It takes place ten years after the Opportunist, and has many devastating flashbacks into the past. Everything you wanted to know from The Opportunist and Dirty Red, you get it. Questions get answered, things get clarified.

Caleb and Olivia have one of the most dysfunctional, fucked up, twisted love stories of all time... And I love it! While reading this, your heart will hurt. Seriously. You may laugh, you will cry, you won’t know how to feel. Don’t worry, that is a normal reaction for one of Tarryn’s books. This book will captivate you from the first word until the last. The writing is brilliant, spectacular.

What does it mean to ‘do the right thing?’. Is it the right thing what is best for others, whats best for your self, what society deems best? Is being selfish wrong, or is it right sometimes? What if whats right for one person isn’t right for another?

Caleb Drake has always wanted to do the right thing, but the right thing for whom? He’s lived, he’s learned, he’s doing what he has to do now, whether it’s right or wrong. I’m just going to throw this out there quickly... In my eyes, Caleb is perfect. This book just solidified that.
“I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no set rules in life. You do what you have to do to survive. If that means running away from the love of your life to preserve your sanity, you do it. If it means breaking someone’s heart so yours doesn’t break; do it. Life is complicated — too much so for there to be absolutes.”


   photo 7097d143-836e-4cc1-a048-2246bcd284ea_zps79251ccd.jpg

Caleb has been in love one time and one time only. To Olivia Kaspen. Ten years ago, he fell in love under a tree and has never been the same again. He’s been married to an evil bitch, she is still married, life has not been kind to either of them. Every chance they had to be together got screwed up some way or another. Not this time. Caleb has to have Olivia. If he can’t have her, he wants no one.
“She’s mine. She always has been, she always will be.”


   photo d39258f0-a07f-4215-a030-4c6c335e3831_zps315e891f.jpg

“Lies, it sounds demented to want a woman’s lies. But, Olivia loves you with her lies. She lies about how she’s feeling, how she’s hurting, how she wants you when she tells you she doesn’t. She lies to protect you and herself.”


Caleb doesn’t care what he has to do. This time, he is fighting for Olivia. That the final installment of this fantastic series was written from Caleb’s p.o.v. was the icing on the cake. I needed to know what happened in the past from his perspective. Caleb has always been in love with Olivia. All the things he did in the last two books, mistakes he made, he had his reasons. Caleb will do anything to get Olivia back. Anything. He makes that very clear to her.
“I'll do whatever I have to do to protect you. I'll lie, cheat, and steal to make you okay. I'll share your suffering, and I'll carry you when you're weighed down. I'll never leave you, not even when you ask me to. Do you believe me?”


There are so many obstacles in the way of Caleb’s happiness. Noah is obstacle number one. With the problems he and Olivia are having, the game changes a bit. Leah is also a huge obstacle. I would love to say that the crazy, dirty bitch stayed away and didn’t cause any trouble this book, but I would be lying.

I don’t wan to go into to much detail over the story line. So much happens, you don’t want it spoiled. One thing is certain, prepare for another mind fuck...
   photo Thief-Mindfuck_zpsbae4e575.jpg

You will have all kinds of feelings and you won’t know what to do with them.

Sometimes, when you fall in love with some one, truly fall in love, you never fall out. No matter what happens, who else you are with, makes no difference. That person is in your heart, your blood, you couldn’t get them out if you tried. Olivia and Caleb have that kind of love. They fell in love once, under a tree, and they’ve never truly fallen out. Neither one. No matter where life took them, who else they may have loved, it could never compare to this once in a lifetime kind of love.
‘I don’t love anything more than I love you.’

I highlighted the mess out of this book. I am going to share some of my favorite quotes:
“Maybe our souls touched underneath that tree. Maybe I decided to love her. Maybe love wasn't our choice. But when I looked at that woman, I saw myself differently.”

“She will be your destruction. She's not healthy."
"Then let her destroy me.”

“That was the exact moment my heart threaded with hers. It was as if someone reached down with a sewing needle and stitched my soul to hers. How could one woman be so sharp and so vulnerable at the same time? Whatever would happen to her would happen to me. Whatever pain she would feel, I would feel it too. I wanted it — that was the surprising part. Selfish, self centered Caleb Drake loved a girl so much he could already feel himself changing to accommodate her needs.
I fell.
For the rest of this life and probably the next.
I wanted her — every last inch of her stubborn, combative, catty heart.”

‘You’re strong. Strong enough to protect your heart and mine, and your heart from mine. I’ll give you everything I have because from the day I met you, it’s belonged to you.’

“Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you. Love is mean, but it’s good. It keeps us alive.”

‘We’re not over. We’ll never be over.’

This was a crazy, intense and emotional ride. Heartbreaking. You love these characters, you hate these characters, they are a mess. They are flawed, broken, self-centered, yet beautiful.  These characters are far from perfect, but they are real. There is a lot of growth from both Caleb and Olivia in this book. The lies, the truth, the drama, angst, everything about this book is amazing.

The ending. In it was as good as it was going to get for this author. I don’t want to spoil it, I was happy enough. Tarryn stayed true to herself and her characters. Could a few different things made it better, sure. Could it have been worse- hell yes. I’m not going to complain. After finishing this book, I was happy enough. I was satisfied. The epilogue left me in tears. My book hangover is like no other.

We are gonna be okay. That’s what happens when two people are meant. You just work it out until you are okay.


This book is so compelling, once you start it don’t expect to be able to put it down.

There are things about this series I will never forget. The tree. The penny. Cherry Garcia. Peter Pan. Airport Blue. Duchess. This is a phenomenal and unforgettable series. If you haven’t read it, now that all 3 books are out, you have no reason not to! One of the most consuming, well written series I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
   photo ef8d81fd-10f0-4313-836a-7663fea0d5bc_zps21381151.jpg

“Broken people give broken love. And we are all a little broken. You just have to forgive and sew up the wounds love delivers, and move on.”


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