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Check out the NEW COVER for The Weight of Rain by Mariah Dietz!

Mariah Dietz has given THE WEIGHT OF RAIN a whole new look! And to celebrate, THE WEIGHT OF RAIN is just $0.99 for a limited time - be sure to grab your copy before the price goes up!


One night.
That's all we had.
That's all it took.

I woke up the next day with his phone number smeared and illegible.

When I couldn’t find him,
I tried to forget.
But in that one night, he’d crawled so far under my skin,
I couldn’t erase him.

Then, he walks back into my life where I least expect him: my job.

He’s just like I remember, except for one detail.
He goes by a different name.


Mariah Dietz is a transplant from the Pacific North West, now living in the South with her husband and two sons who are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world.

Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon where she spent the majority of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created.

She has a love for all things that include her sons, good coffee, books, travel, and dark chocolate. She also has a deep passion for the stories she writes, and hopes readers enjoy the journeys she takes them on, as much as she loves creating them.

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Blog Tour: 5 stars to THE LEGEND by Dylan Allen

The Legend - BT banner.jpg

THE LEGEND is a slow-kindling fire that, before you know it, has consumed you. Lies, twists, turns, passion, devotion, and a love that, though tried, never breaks. Dylan Allen masterfully weaves them all into this unputdownable, compelling tapestry of a tale.” -- Kennedy Ryan, Amazon bestselling author

The Legend, an all-new steamy, second-chance romance from Dylan Allen, is available now!


The love of a lifetime deserves a million chances.

Remington Wilde had heartbreak written all over him.

He was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen.

When I looked into his midnight eyes,

I saw a happy ending I’d never dared to dream of.

I was seventeen the first time he asked for my heart,

I didn’t hesitate to hand it over.

In exchange, he gave me the best summer of my life.

He was my first everything.

Falling in love felt written in the stars...

But our legend, it turns out, was all a lie.

And when our story ended, all I had was a broken heart.

Now, he wants a second chance.

But this time, I’ve got more to lose than just my heart.

When the lies that pulled us apart, threaten again, it will take more than sweet words from his sinful mouth to convince me.

He says the love of a lifetime deserves a million chances,

But am I strong enough to fall again?


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Christy's 5 star review:

   photo 22ED3309-D92C-4FF5-9DEE-0863AC8184FE_zpstlysegqo.png

Dylan Allen has done it again. I am blown away by another one of her books! I have to admit, I was a little nervous to read this book because I loved the first so much. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I shouldn’t have been concerned. I think I loved The Legend even more than I loved The Legacy.

Remington Wilde is from one of the wealthiest families in Texas. Kalilah Greer, not so much. The first time they meet, they are just children. Then, they meet again as teenagers. Both are smitten, Remi especially. But it’s forbidden for them to be together. Remi’s mother would never approve. Things sort of fall apart for these two, but things always seem to come back together. Some way, some how.

As far as Remi and Kal get from each other through their story, they are never too far apart in their hearts. They are victim to horrible timing, but they never lose the love they have for one another.
“Do you ever wonder what if?” he whispers and my heart starts to crack. “Every day,” I admit, on a whisper.

I love second chance romances, but I’m a little picky on how they’re done. This was done perfectly. And that completely has to do with Remington and how he handled Kal’s situation. I truly believe these two are soulmates and I don't say that lightly.

Remington Wilde is a sweet soul, has a filthy mouth, and is one of the most romantic heroes ever. That combination was lethal. He was my favorite thing about this book. Kal was a heroine with a lot of strength, determination, and pride. Sometimes her pride got the best of her. Knowing her childhood and past, I understood why she was the way she was. These two were the best kind of pairing. Their chemistry was insane. Steam was rolling off the pages whenever they were together and the sexy times were quality, not quantity, which I always appreciate.
“Do you still burn for me the way I burn for you, baby?”

This series has that completely addicting quality. They’re the kind of books you can’t stop reading. Sometimes it’s like a train wreck, you just can’t look away, and other times you are so enchanted by the story telling and romance there is no way you can put it down. I love these books so much. Allen is an amazingly talented author and I can’t wait to read any and everything else she writes. I’m especially looking forward to the next book in this series, which will feature Remi’s sister!!

   photo 0A964FEA-6F18-44E8-B879-49FBD7B46B7A_zpsvh6uglxx.png


I can see the heat in her eyes and right away I know.

“You watched me?” I ask.

Her dark eyes widen, but she doesn't look away.

“Yes.” She swallows hard.

“Did you like it?” I ask her.

“Remi,” she admonishes sharply, but I don’t miss the way she shifts her stance. She liked it.

“I want to hear you say it.” I ask again.

She nods and sucks her fat lower lip into her mouth.

I want to suck it, too.

“You know you could have gotten in and watched up close. You could have helped if you wanted.”

I circle her wrists and hold her hands in front of my face.

“They’re a little small, they wouldn’t fit all the way ’round.”

She draws in a big gulp of air and takes a step closer to me.

“Really?” she whispers her eyes flit down to my pants.

“I would have covered your hands with mine. We could have done it together.”

I let go of her wrists and slide my hands up so that we’re palm to palm.

Skin to skin.

It’s not nearly enough.

I’m this close to crossing a line I shouldn’t. But, when it comes to Kal, I can’t seem to help myself.

“Remi…we shouldn’t.” Her voice is husky and her fingers flex a little against mine.

“Yeah, probably not,” I agree, but I see the reflection of my own disappointment flash in her eyes and it emboldens me.

I know I should stand down. Even if it feels like it, we aren’t a good idea.

But she’s so tempting. And when it comes to her, I can’t seem to get a grip on my control.

I link our fingers and bring her hand to my lips for a kiss. She inhales sharply and looks up at me through the inky fringe of her lashes.

Her gaze lingers longingly on my mouth and I smile.

“Oh, Kal. We have a dilemma.” I drawl.

“Really? Then why do you sound amused? A dilemma isn’t generally a good thing.” The corners of her mouth turn up in a small smile.

“It’s a very good thing…because even though you don’t want to be, and I absolutely shouldn’t be, we’re interested in each other.”

“Well, that’s the perfect recipe for an unhappy ending, if I ever heard one.”

About Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust.

A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings.

When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Review: Baking with a Rockstar

Title: Baking with a Rockstar
Series: Brooksville #1
Author: Jasmin Miller
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2019


A fun, sweet, and sexy romance with a swoon-worthy rockstar and a single mom that will make your heart burst with happiness.

Rockstar Hudson Mitchell is over the glitz and spotlight of the music industry. Desperate for a break from the fast-paced life of fame, he retreats to the one place that has always been home.

Brooksville, California. 

It's the same place where Charlie has taken refuge, trying to build a life for herself and her young daughter. The quiet, small-town atmosphere and her new bakery venture are exactly what she needs to pick up the pieces of her shattered past.

As they spend more time together, neither of them is prepared for the effect Charlie has on Hudson, and how important she would become for his career.

PURCHASE LINKS – $2.99 for a limited time!!

FREE in Kindle Unlimited


   photo IMG_3211_zpsxceltvl6.png

Baking with a Rockstar has got to be the sweetest rockstar romance I’ve ever read. Usually when I hear a book is a rockstar romance I think, sex drugs and rock and roll. This book was not like that at all. This rockstar was swoony, sweet, and had a heart of gold.

Charlie is a single mother who is venturing out to open her own bakery. She’s getting a little help and staying with her grandma’s best friend. All is going well, till she meets the man who owns the house she’s living in. Her friend’s grandson and famous rockstar, Hudson Mitchell.

Hudson is taking a much needed break from the road and recording and getting some r&r in his small town. He doesn’t expect to find Charlie and her daughter living at his place, albeit temporarily. Hudson is enamored with Charlie and baby Mira and ends up helping her with her bakery.

Hudson was seriously the sweetest. This book was low on the steam, but heavy on the swoon-worthy romance. I loved that it wasn’t completely predictable, there was actually a twist about Charlie that surprised me. I really enjoyed the writing and the story and I’m hoping we get a book about Hudson’s brother Gabe and Charlie’s bestie Monica! I would love to read that!

If you’re in the a fan of single parent books or are in the mood for a sweet romance that will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face, pick up Baking with a Rockstar!!

“Love is a gift we should enjoy as much as we possibly can when we’re given it. Take it as it is—one of the best and most beautiful things that can ever happen to you if you find the right person.”


“Charlie, where do you want me next?” Hudson’s voice sounds from behind me, making me jump. 
The hairs on the back of my neck rise at the sound of his rich voice—the deep timbre almost echoing across the room—as I spin around to face him. “Gosh, Hudson, can you please stop sneaking up on me like that?” 
I slap his shoulder lightly, leaving a nice flour mark on his black T-shirt. 
Good. Serves him right.
Today is our second day together at “work,” and I still have to get used to him being around. Thankfully, I barely saw him yesterday, since he was helping one of the contractors fix a few things outside the building while I hid in my office, hunched over a pile of papers to make sure everything’s going according to plan. I wonder if Hudson stayed away from me on purpose, giving me some time to get used to him. I’m almost certain he knows how easily some people get overwhelmed by his presence. 
He grimaces, but the mischief is clearly displayed in the way his eyes sparkle. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to, but you were so absorbed in your work. There could be a meteor coming your way, and you wouldn’t know it until it hit you.”
Well, he’s got me there. When I focus on something, it’s easy for me to zone out. “Very funny.” 
I glare at him playfully and study him for a moment, taking him in, from his black T-shirt all the way to his dark gray jeans that are paired with black boots. His whole outfit is covered in dust, dirt, and a few specks of paint. He looks every bit the busy worker bee he’s been, and since I’m not blind—and my hormones practically demand it—I have to admit, he couldn’t look sexier. 

Excerpt 2:

The smart and rational side of my brain seems to be on a break because all I’m capable of doing is raking my eyes over Mr. Basketball Shorts. He’s tall with broad shoulders and the most pronounced abs I’ve ever seen up close. The baseball cap on his head is turned backward, and he’s currently wiping his face off with what I assume to be his shirt. That is the only reason he hasn’t seen me yet, and why I haven’t seen his face yet either. But I’m going out on a limb here and say it’s probably as gorgeous as the rest of him.

My eyes drift back to his drool-worthy chest, following the beads of sweat that are slowly running down his torso to the V-shaped lower abs until they disappear into the pair of shorts that sits low on his hips.

Sudden heat shoots through my body, making my cheeks tingle from the force of it. My brain uses that moment of distraction to finally kick back in again, reminding me of the situation at hand.

A total stranger is standing in my kitchen.


And we’re all alone in this house.


"Sweet, sexy and funny! This is a rockstar romance that had me SWOONING and LAUGHING!" -Heather, Book And A Blanket Blog

"If I could give this book more than five stars I would! SO MANY HAPPY TEARS. This story had my heart doing somersaults on repeat. Such a fun, sweet, and romantic story that just makes you feel so incredibly good and happy inside!" -Emily, Goodreads

"ADORABLE and funny and very sweet Baby-Baker-Rockstar-Small-Town-Romance!" -Bianca, BJ's Book Blog

“This story was fun and an easy read with fun-loving characters. I instantly fell in love with Hudson and the immediate bond he had with Mira. The love story between Hudson and Charlie is beautiful and just about proves that good things happen to good people.” -Drippin_inmelanin, Goodreads

“Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, this was so cute. If you're looking for something light to read on a lazy afternoon, this is pretty perfect. It's just a really great "make-you-feel-good" kind of book.” -Dylan, Goodreads


Jasmin Miller is a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write kissing books and never misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her busy day and night.


LIVE NOW! Tumble by Adriana Locke

Dogwood Lane #1
     by Adriana Locke
Release Date:  February 26th
Releases In: Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Audiobook 

From USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a witty romance about first love and second chances. This is a standalone, small-town, blue-collar love story. 

After being burned by her dream job in New York City, sports journalist Neely Kimber suddenly finds herself jobless and paying a long-overdue visit to her hometown in Tennessee. Her plan? Relax, reset, and head back up the corporate ladder. There’s just one unexpected step. Neely’s back in Dogwood Lane for barely a day when she sees the man she ran from nine years ago: the bad boy next door who was her first kiss, her first love, and her first heartbreak.
Devoted single dad Dane Madden knows he hurt Neely in the worst way. He’s got a lot to make up for. And as passionate as their reconnection is, it’s a lot to hope for. Having her back in his arms feels so right. But falling in love all over again with a woman who wants to live a world away is bound to go so wrong.
What’s it going to take for Neely to give him—and Dogwood Lane—just one more chance?

Preorder Tangle, Book #2, for just $3.99: 

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If you own the ebook, you can add the Audible narration for just $1.99.

Audio Features:
Narrated by the talented Aiden Snow and Summer Morton, this audio will rock your socks!



The sound of the hammer crushing my thumb—swung with more force than was necessary, to boot—ricochets across the front lawn. The tool falls from my hand, striking against the sawhorse, and flips into the soft grass with a gentle thud. 

“Son of a...!” My hand shakes, the top of my thumb threatening to explode. I tilt my head to the sky and try to find some peace in the clouds. 

I come up empty. “Matt!” I call to my younger brother. “I’m taking ten.” 

He nods from halfway up the ladder leaned against the side of the house. 

Wrapping my good hand around my thumb, I head toward my truck. Sounds of construction ring out behind me. It’s usually music to my ears, the lifeblood of the Madden name. But each cut of a sawblade, buzz of a power drill, and swing of a hammer feels like a distraction this morning. I have a throbbing thumb to show for it. 

Beads of sweat cluster along my forehead. I remove my hat with my good hand and run the back of my forearm along my brow. 

“Damn it.” Everything feels sticky. Mildly irritating. And the progress on the project that usually energizes me has failed me epically this morning. I just don’t want to be here. Not that I have a better place to be. Quite frankly, I have a lot of places I shouldn’t be, and with Neely, or thinking about Neely, is one of them. 

I would’ve recognized her anywhere. Same gray eyes that glimmer like she’s about to tell you a secret. Full lips that spread into a smile so infectious you can’t help but feel your own mouth following suit. The hint of floral perfume, the golden hair that may as well be silk, and the aura about her that’s just as strong as the day she left Dogwood Lane and me—it’s all the same. It’s like time forgot to age her. She somehow has become more beautiful, sexier, stronger. 

The world hates me. I’ve postulated this for a long time, but it’s obvious today. 

The tailgate of my truck lowers. Scooping a handful of ice from the cooler in the bed into a bandanna, I wrap it around my injured digit. The relief lasts only a few moments. 

“What are you doing down here?” Penn rests his forearms over the side of the truck, the tattoos carved in his skin like mini masterpieces on full display. He eyes my makeshift bandage. “What happened to you?” 

“Hammer,” I groan, adjusting the ice. 

“That’s interesting.” 

“How you figure?” 

“Never knew you to hit yourself with a hammer before. I find that interesting.” 

“If that’s interesting, you need a hobby. Or you could work like I’m paying you to do . . .” 

“I have a hobby, thank you, and you should’ve seen her last night,” he says, smacking his lips together. “Lord Almighty, she’s a—” 



The tip of my finger sticks out of the bandanna. It’s bright red and hot to the touch despite the ice packed around it. “All your escapades really sound the same at this point.” 

“Is that jealousy I hear?” He cups his hand to his ear. “I thought so. Not my fault you’re in a dry spell.” 

Leaning against the truck, I look at him. “Jealousy isn’t how I’d describe it. But if that makes ya feel good, go for it.” 

“My hobby makes me feel good.” He moves his lips around, like he’s fighting the next words trying to pop out. He does this when he knows he shouldn’t say something but can’t quite convince himself not to. “From the looks of you, I’d say you’re more than jealous. I’d say you’re . . . tempted.” 

My tongue presses on the roof of my mouth. “Tempted to what?” 

He leans against the truck, too, the gold St. Christopher’s medal he’s worn since elementary school clamoring against the side. The corners of his lips nearly touch the corners of his eyes. He knows

“Word travels fast, huh?” I say, prodding around to see if my guess is right. 

He slow blinks. Twice. 

“What?” I ask. 

“That’s all you have to say about Neely being back in town? ‘Word travels fast.’ What’s wrong with you?” 

We don’t have time for that conversation. 

I sigh. “What do you want me to say?” 

“I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that little run-in.” Penn snickers. “Did you stutter around like I imagine? Or did you not manage to say an entire sentence?” 

Working my jaw back and forth, I point a finger his way. “You better stop while you’re ahead.” 

He reads me correctly, and his animation drops a notch. “Really, though. How’d it go? But before you answer that, let me toss out there that I heard sparks were flying all over the diner so hot Claire had to call the fire department.” 

I shake my head. “Shut up.” 

“Just telling you what I heard.” 

“The firemen were there to order food, you idiot.” 

He thinks he’s onto something. There’s a glee in his face that means only one thing: it’s going to be a long day around here. 

“So, what happened?” he asks, resting his arms over the truck bed. 

“You know, sometimes I think you should’ve been a girl with all the gossiping you do.” 

“This isn’t gossip,” he contends. “This is Neely-freaking-Kimber, man. Every memory I have of my entire adolescence has her in it. She bailed me out of jail when I was too scared to call my dad and you and Matt were passed out on moonshine. Remember that?” 

My chuckle is so hard, it causes my thumb to throb. “I forgot about that. She was pissed.” 

“Neely came through, though. God, I miss her.” 

Those last words echo through my mind. 

I have shoved her out of my head for the last few years. Took over Dad’s business, took care of my business. Trudged forward without her because that was the only choice I had. I hardly even think about her anymore unless someone brings her up in conversation. 

So why do I itch to crawl into the truck and hunt her down? 

BBU - Coming Soon