My name is Christy or 'Chris' and I am an avid reader or ‘reading addict’ as my family likes to say. I love blogging- sharing my love of books with other readers makes me crazy happy! I will read most any genre of books, but I especially love the dark & twisted reads, contemporary romance, ya/na, and I especially love reading books by indie authors. Kristen Ashely is probably my favorite author. You will often catch me reading (and re-reading) her books!!!

And my name is Reanell and I am the other half of 'Book Babes'. I also am an avid reader, and my family loves to tease me about always having a book or my iPad in my hands. I can't help it I'm addicted to reading. I love reading all genre's of books, I started out reading Stephen King as a teenager, and then moved on to Nicholas Sparks, then I read 50 Shades of Grey and became hooked on Erotica. I love the Indie authors too! Like Christy said we are new to the blogging world so please be patient. :)

I'm Bella, one of the Book Babes newbies! Surprise, surprise, I'm addicted to reading too. Reading has always been a part of my life. I think it started with The Babysitter's Club when I was little, then Nicholas Sparks in high school. Now it's pretty normal for me to get through 3-7 books in a week. Genres range from sci-fi, fantasy, mystery/suspense, dystopian society, young adult, new adult, romance and erotica. I HATE reading non-fiction. But I LOVE sharing my favorite books with other people!


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  3. Hey Ladies, I thought I had your email address to send off the info for ZACK, but I can't seem to find it, can one of you email me at Tastybooktours@live.com

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