Friday, November 19, 2021

Review: Beard in Hiding by Penny Reid


Diane Donner—recently divorced pillar of polite society—is craving danger. She’s tired of playing it safe and she knows just the sexy criminal motorcycle man to proposition for a good time. Problem is, she doesn’t actually know his name.
Jason “Repo” Doe never takes risks. So when the queen of local commerce walks into his club, looking to get risky and frisky, Jason knows the smartest thing to do is save himself a headache while saving the new divorcee from her worst impulses.
But then one thing leads to another, and the memory of just-one-night doesn’t feel like enough.
Theirs is a story with no future, because how can a dangerous criminal win (and keep) a queen?
‘Beard In Hiding’ is book #4.5 in the Winston Brothers series, is a full length contemporary romantic comedy about two lost souls in their 40s, and is a companion novel to the Winston Brothers and Solving for Pie series.

Christy's Review

"Just when we think our path is set and we're cruising along toward the inevitable tomorrow, the good Lord sees fit to throw a sexy, sweet motorcycle man in my path to shake everything up."

When I heard Diane Donner was getting her own book I had mixed feelings. There was a time where I truly disliked this character, but what I loved about Diane is she knew certain things she did and how she treated people was wrong and she changed. I can appreciate that. I ended up loving her in this book! 

Diane is Jenn's (Cletus Winston's woman) mother and this story is a story about her finding herself and getting a second chance at love. Her love interest isn't clean cut and is a good guy who doesn't always do good things. Jason 'Repo' is part of the Wraiths and isn't someone I could have ever seen with Diane, but they work. 

I loved these two together and I loved that they were a little older and at a different place in their lives compared to Penny's other characters. This was fun, suspenseful, and well written. I'm not sure if I was crazy about the ending personally, but I'm hoping we get an Isaac book soon and get more of this couple! 

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