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Alarm by Shay Savage @Savage7289 - Bella's review

Alarm by Shay Savage
Release Date: 12/8/2014


Chloe’s life is safe and comfortable. Meeting a tall, dark stranger covered in tattoos is not in her plans. Bad boys just aren’t her type, even if they gorgeous and built like a brick wall. The alarms in her head warn that Aiden Hunter is definitely on the list of men her mother told her to avoid, but she doesn’t listen.

Still, she finds herself drawn to Aiden and the excitement she is missing in her own life. He fills her days with thrills and danger, and her nights with passion she’s never experienced before. Even though she knows he’s hiding something from her, Chloe pushes away her concerns and dives into this new way of living.

Near the beach in Miami, Aiden teaches her to live life to the fullest as Chloe battles the internal warning bells that tell her to be wary. By the time she realizes her fears may be justified, it’s too late.

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Bella's Review: 4 HOT Stars!!!

Shay did a great job sucking me into the story with the Prologue. The Prologue is a scene from later in the book where things have gone a bit...awry.

And then we head into Chapter 1. I have to tell you, I couldn't wait to see how it all unfolded into that scene from the Prologue.

This story is told from Chloe's POV.

Chloe is a girl who always thinks before she speaks, plans everything out and never takes risks. She plays it safe.

Then she runs into a brick wall. A tall, dark, tattooed, gorgeous man who is the size of a brick wall. He ignites some excitement into her world and brings a whole lot of...risks.

Chloe is struggling not to judge Aidan by his appearance, but all of these seeds of doubt are in her mind. She constantly has alarms going off about him, but doesn't want to hurt his feelings by bluntly asking him what she wants to know. THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!

Regardless, Aidan is one hot piece of man. All of my highlights are from him. Here are a couple:

"Life isn't about how it ends; it's about what you do while you're alive." Wise, that one.

"By the time the sun rises again, you are going to be covered in my cum and ruined for every man you ever meet again." And there go my panties. Yes, folks, Aidan is a dirty talker. Get ready for his hotness.

"Are you ready for this, Chloe?" he cooed in my ear, the softness of his voice contrasting with his words. "Are you ready to get fucked?"

Chloe can't help but be wildly attracted to this guy.

This book brings the heat. It also brings some twists, some secrets and a whole lot of happy.

I highly recommend!!!

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