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MADE by JM Darhower

Made (Forever, #0.4)Made by J.M. Darhower
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5+ Stars!

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After reading the Sempre books, I knew I wanted to know more about Corrado Morretti. There was just something about him… When I heard we were getting a Corrado book, I was ecstatic. It did not disappoint! In fact, it exceeded all my expectations. This book was fantastic. It will be going right towards the top of my favorites list for this year.

"What made you this way?"
"Sweetheart, I wouldn't even know where to begin.”

MADE is the story of Corrado Morretti. From his childhood, to teenage years, to adulthood. We get it all. The entire story.

Corrado’s childhood was not easy to read about. He learned from an early age how to take care of himself. The way the world worked. With an abusive mother, manipulative sister and absent father, it wasn’t easy. Corrado saw the work his father did with La Costa Nostra from a young age. It was a normal thing for him. Corrado learned to keep to himself, not to feel, not to form attachments. Until he meets a child named Celia DeMarco that is. When she comes back into his life when he’s a little older (maybe 19) everything changes.
He'd certainly met his match with her.

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Corrado is just finding his place in La Costa Nostra, where Celia’s father is the boss. Corrado’s feelings for Celia come back full force. She wants to be with him too… but he’s not sure if it’s possible. Celia is full of love and life. Quite the opposite of Corrado in a lot of ways. She trys to convince him otherwise.
"I know how to keep a secret," she said. "That's in my blood, too. And I know without a doubt that you know how, too. He wouldn't even have to know."

"You're worth more than that," Corrado said. "You deserve to be somebody's everything, not somebody's secret.”

Eventually, they are able to work things out with the boss.
The romance between Corrado and Celia was beautiful. If you ever think that someone that does the kind of work Corrado does can’t have true love, can’t be loyal and loving, you’re wrong.

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There are a few parts of Corrado and Celia’s relationship that hurt my heart. Like the baby thing. I really felt for Celia, though I could sympathize with Corrado. With all he sees and the way he grew up.

We all know Corrado is a badass, but the way he was so sweet and swoony with Celia- I loved it! He might not have been the most traditional husband, but it’s the thought that counts. I laughed every time he brought her flowers. No matter what was going on in his life, Corrado never lost the love he had for Celia. Never looked at anyone else. He never strayed. Besides the job, she was his life. His reason for being. If thats not the most romantic thing, I don’t know what is.
"It's the way you're looking at me... it's like you've never seen something so beautiful before."

"I haven't."

"That's the way you're looking at me."

"And it bothers you?"

"I cant' live up to it. You put me on a pedestal. I'll only fall."

"You'll never fall. Not if I'm there to catch you."

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Corrado was logical and thorough in his work. He didn’t think about the people, he thought about the job. Thats what it was to him. Just a job. Kill or be killed. Sink or swim. Corrado was always the killer, always the man swimming. Indestructible.
"The world made me this way. And maybe they all hate me, but still, they need me. Because without villains, there wouldn't be superheroes."

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His nickname was great. This book is more of a mafia book than the Sempre books. You’ll notice that Corrado is in much deeper than the DeMarco boys (Vincent and Carmine) ever were. I did enjoy getting the Vincent and Maura story. It was nice to see how that came about. You see a whole different side of Vincent as well.

I can’t think of one thing I didn’t love about this story. Getting to read about Corrado Morretti… it was perfect. Just so readers know, you technically don’t have to read the Sempre books to read this, but I highly recommend that you do. I think you’d get so much more out of this story. Plus, if you ever go back and read Sempre after this, there would be so much spoiled.

It’s no secret that I love Sempre and her Monster books, so for me to say that this is JM Darhower’s best book is a big deal. The writing was stellar. It’s a long book, but it doesn't feel long. It was so fast paced and captivating I didn’t realize I had been reading for hours until I looked up at the clock.

Even though Corrado Morretti is a ruthless killer, there is something about the way he loves his woman completely and eternally that makes him so beautiful and lovable. I just couldn’t get enough of Corrado and Celia’s story. I’m so grateful that JM Darhower decided to write this story and I can’t recommend it enough!

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