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Boarded by Love by Toni Aleo- 5 stars!

Boarded by Love (Bellevue Bullies, #1)Boarded by Love by Toni Aleo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 ‘Hey Jude’ stars!

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Claire Anderson. Ever since I read Phillip’s book, I was hoping there would be a book about Claire. I loved that spunky girl. I was so excited when I saw she was getting her own story. I wondered what kind of man she would be paired with. Claire has a past that has been difficult for her to deal with. She would need someone strong, someone kind and someone that could give her the love she deserves and the stability she craves. HEY JUDE. Jude Sinclair may be the man for the job. He also may be my new favorite book boyfriend from Toni Aleo. But then there is Tate… and  Phillip. I guess it will have to be a three-way tie.

Claire is going to college, teaching for Reese’s studio, and doing a gig on the side. Burlesque dancing and choreography. She’s amazing at it. It keeps her secure and puts money in the bank- but no one knows except Reese and the girls she works with. Because of Claire’s past, she doesn’t date much and hasn’t been with a guy in a long time. Jude is much the opposite. He’s the best hockey player Bellevue has and is going straight into the NFL draft. He doesn’t date. It’s well known on campus he is a one and done sort of guy. That is until he  meets Claire. I loved their first meeting…
“Wow, you are full of yourself.” I shrug.
“Well, when you’re this sexy, and and have an amazing knack for pleasing woman, you become very confident.”
Her eyes darken as she holds my gaze. “I’m speechless.”

“Don’t worry, that happens a lot to girls. It’s my sexiness.”

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And their first kiss was pretty memorable...
You know, everyone always talks about sparks and fireworks when they kiss a guy- I hadn’t ever felt that before, but I do now. But sparks and fireworks don’t really do the way he kisses justice. It’s more like a bomb, a nuclear one, because when I pull back, I’m dizzy.

Yes, it was a little bit of love at first sight for these two, but when you know, sometimes you just know. I wish I could say their relationship was rainbows and sunshine, but there were obstacles. Jude has an amazing relationship with  all of his family- except his dad. And Claire has a nasty past, and isn’t forthcoming about her job. Jude knows all about Claire’s past and he doesn’t care. He loves everything about her. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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“I know you’ve been hurt, and I know that people have not been the greatest to you, but I want to change that. I want to be good for you. Worthy of you. I want to make you proud.”

This is a story that proves sometimes love really can change a person. It’s not just a love story though. It’s a story about trust, family, friendship and forgiveness. It’s a story about learning to let people love you fully and trusting they won’t hurt you. A story about growth. About acceptance. And yes- about unconditional love.

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Claire is by far my favorite heroine of Toni’s. I had a feeling she would be ever since I read Phillip’s book. She is strong, beautiful and spunky. Claire might be hesitant to trust, but she has good reasons. I loved that Jude was able to show her what she was truly worth. She has her uncle and Reese, but to have someone like Jude love her and give her what he gives is a game changer for her as well.

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Jude is full of personality. He’s a hard worker, a little cocky, sweet, and all kinds of sexy. I not only loved the way he was with Claire, but the way he was with his mom and the rest of his family. I love a good manwhore who can find just the right woman to change his ways and that is exactly what happened with Jude. I loved watching them just be together. Jude and Claire had fantastic chemistry. Even though it was fast (their feelings) it was believable.

I find it so funny that someone like me- who doesn’t play, watch or particularly like any sport- loves a book about hockey. I think it’s because Toni has a way of writing the best and most swoony  heroes, kick ass heroines and stories full of romance, steam and there is always the family theme. Family- friends who become your family. I love it. I know this isn’t an Assassin’s book perse, but it was wonderful to catch up with the Assassin’s crew.

A beautiful story of first loves, growing up and learning to trust. Boarded by Love was the perfect combination of sexy, sweet and emotional. I cried more than once, but it was a beautiful journey. This is one I would highly recommend to fans of romance/new adult!!

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