Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review: My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

Christy's 4 star review:

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Christina Lauren are go to authors for me when I want to a fun and entertaining reading experience. They wrote my favorite book of the year (Josh & Hazel) so when this landed on my kindle, I jumped right in. Though this didn’t hit the same love buttons as J&H, I still really loved it and had loads of fun while reading! 

Millie Morris is a professor who is fascinated by female serial killers. She hasn’t been in a relationship in a while, but she has 4 best friends who are all men. When something for work comes up and they all need dates, online dating gets brought up. Oh the shenanigans that this brings!

“There’s an entire language involved in these sorts of things.” “We have six degrees between the four of us.” Reid looks back down to his lunch. “I think we can keep up.” Chris leans in toward Ed. “What kind of language?” “Why do I already know this is going to be like teaching my mom to use the DVR?”

“At some point, if we kept going the way we were going, we’d all be seventy and doing crosswords together in Chris’s backyard.” “I mean, that doesn’t sound completely terrible,” I say.
I laughed out loud through so much of this! All of Millie’s friends have something about them that make them endearing. She’s close to them all, but there is Reid who is just a little more special. Millie and Reid have a connection and attraction, but the thought of ruining their friendship makes them pause. So they continue with the online dating. Things get complicated from there. I’ll let you figure out the little twists on your own, but I was glued to this one!

Millie is a fun character, and I loved all the boys. Seriously, there wasn’t anyone I didn’t love in this book. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is charming, fun, sexy, witty and lovable. If you are a fan of rom-coms, pick this one up. And for the love of all things holy, if you haven’t read Josh and Hazel’s Guide to not Dating drop everything and read it now!

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