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Fuel the Fire by Krista & Becca Ritchie - Bella's 5 Star reivew @KBRitchie

 Bella's Review:  5 Addicted STARS!!!

omg. I love this series so hard.

Writing a review is always difficult for me. Because I'm not a writer, I'm a reader . And I LOVE reading this series!!!!!!! I have read every book in this series, multiple times. I have the shirts, I have the paperbacks and I have the audio-books. I am completely addicted to this series.

That being said, I was dying to read this book. DYING!!!! I was torn between devouring it in one sitting and reading 1 chapter at a time to savor it.

I devoured it... I couldn't help myself!!! The writing is just too good to stop turning the pages.

Things I love about this book:
- The writing. I love reading Krista & Becca's writing. It is so easy to read and they have done such a phenomenal job with character development. The characters are all unique and by now, the 8th book into the series, I feel like I know them. I am not rich, I am not wealthy, I'm not a genius, I'm not an athlete, I'm not a model or an addict- but I have connected so deeply to all of these characters and I'm 100% invested in their happiness.

- Alternating POV - this is my favorite way to read a book. Love getting in Connor's mind especially!

- Connor & Rose - they are such a great couple. I love their games, their banter, their loyalty and their love. I especially LOVED them as parents.

- The rest of the gang - There were a lot of Connor and Ryke scenes - I highlighted SO much from these scenes - I freaking LOVE RYKE!!! Ryke & Daisy, Lily & Lo - these couples are so interconnected, when you read about one couple, you read about them all. I love this!!

- Steamy sexy!!! Connor is just so darn sexy!!!

- The feels!!! Oh man, this book was so emotional for me!!! When Rose cries, I cry. When Daisy cries, I cry. Pretty much when any of these characters cry, I cry. But I also laugh and lust and worry. This book made me feel .

Favorite quotes:
"Ryke gives himself to you like a bottle of sand or a bag of shrapnel. Chew and swallow, he says, I'll take care of you if you bleed."

"She taught me how to be real. I taught her how to be fake."

"I will die with you when we are old and withered and gray, and I'll live with you every day until then. This is what I'll always choose."

"You make me forget the worse parts of life."

"You and Rose - you're pretty much superheroes in my world, you know? If anyone wins in the end, it's you."

"So long as I may be living, I live with you."


Sigh, reading through these quotes makes me want to re-read already!!!

Bottom line: my favorite series ever. Read this book!!!!! But start at the beginning!!!!!

Highly recommend! One click now!!
If you haven't read this series, Here are links to the other books and I've put them in reading order. Click on the image to take you to amazon.  Get ready to one click!!! Aren't the covers drool worthy?

Click here for the audio-books - the narrators are PHENOMENAL!!!  Highly recommend, they really bring the stories to life!!!

We have a group on Goodreads called KBR Fangirls where we can all obsess over all things Krista & Becca Ritchie.  Come join our FTF buddy read!!

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