Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slade by Victoria Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 sexy, steamy stars!

This is what you should think of when deciding whether or not to read Slade.

Yep. Male strippers/entertainers. We meet the sexy as sin Slade Merrick and let me tell you ladies, he will make your panties melt clean off your body. Right from the start we get how hot he is. He likes to fuck and he likes it rough. And never with the same girl twice. That's his rule...well one of them anyway.

He works at The Walk of Shame, where he dances and sometimes bar tends. His best friend Cale also works there along with Hemy....another hot sex god. Hemy is working his ass off at one of the bachelorette parties and calls for back-up. Slade and Cale arrive and a woman instantly catches Slade's eye. The interaction is HOT!

ASPEN, the girl who catches Slade's attention, also happens to be close friends with Cale and is currently going to be spending the week living with both men. The sexual chemistry is off the charts with Slade and Aspen. She wants to hate him, and he wants her badly enough he doesn't care if she hates him.

Or this.

"Well you don't hate me enough. 'Cause if you did, then you would fuck me; punish me. I want you to slap me, scratch me, bite me and then punish me. I want to feel your fucking hate; drown myself in it. Then I want to lick the hate right off your fucking body and taste it."

Aspen soon finds out that there is more than meets the eye with Slade and stumbles upon some information that has him fighting her off. All the while, she is hiding things from him as well. Can they work through these issues, or are they doomed before they even have a start?

I am so excited for more in this series. I devoured this book in just a few short hours. One part in the book literally had me panting. And that part makes me SUPER EXCITED for Hemy's book! Pick this one up, you will not be disappointed!!

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