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Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

Rusty Nailed (Cocktail, #2)Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton
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4 Stars!!!

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Alice Clayton is one of those authors that never fails to make me laugh and smile while reading one of her books. Rusty Nailed was no exception.

Simon and Caroline are together. Enjoying their separate but together lives as girlfriend and boyfriend.
I’m Simon’s girlfriend. He was once the Harem Master, and now I’m his girlfriend.


They have a great relationship. Things work between them. Caroline works hard for Jillian’s design firm and Simon is off photographing the world. Simon comes home as often as he can and when he’s there, he rocks her world.

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I love the chemistry between the two main characters. They are HOT together. And hilarious. I can’t get enough of the humor in these books. I found my self laughing out loud more than once. They have found a relationship that works for the both of them. It may be a tad bit unconventional, but it works.
“Well, good goddamn, Dr. Phil, color me impressed,” I said, clinking my coffee cup next to his. “So what do we do next? Y’know, as people in a relationship after they’ve resolved a conflict?”

“Pretty sure a blow job should follow this,” he said seriously.

When Simon and Caroline’s work situations both change, it changes the dynamic of their relationship. Getting used to this new normal isn’t easy on Caroline.

Not only do we get Caroline and Simon’s story, but we get a lot of Neil and Sophia, Ryan and Mimi, and some Jillian and Benjamin. And Clive. Of course we get Clive. I love getting all the characters stories in one book. But Simons and Caroline's is my favorite.

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Caroline. I loved her in Wallbanger. But there were moments she got under my skin a little in this one. Simon on the other hand, Simon was pretty perfect. He has all the best qualities- a combination of sexy, sweet, charming, swoony and hilarious. Simon’s growth was great to see. He was able to overcome and move on from some things in his past. And by the end, I loved Caroline again so it was all good.

Although this wasn’t quite as good as Wallbanger for me, it was still a fun and fantastic read. Sometimes, when you strike gold with a book like Wallbanger, it’s hard to top.

If you loved funny reads, I’m sure you will enjoy this as well. Alice Clayton's writing style is fabulous and it’s always great reading about characters you know and love. That was a plus- catching up with Simon, Caroline, Clive and the gang. A sweet and sexy story thats good for some laughs and smiles!

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