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COOPER by Harper Sloan- 5 stars!

Cooper (Corps Security, #4)Cooper by Harper Sloan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Sunshine Stars!!!

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Cooper. I had no idea what to expect when it came to Cooper’s story. After reading Beck, I knew Cooper would be in a hard place and have a difficult journey ahead of him. I didn’t really expect it to go the way it went, but I loved the direction it took. I continue to be impressed with Harper’s writing and storytelling abilities. I love when a book can draw me in and make me want to do nothing else until I finish. Every book in this series has been that way, and I love it!

*Note to readers: Cooper’s review will be spoiler free, but if you haven’t read the first 3 books in the Corp’s series, there will be some storyline spoilers for them. A lot happens in the last book… so I would recommend skipping this review if you aren’t caught up on books 1-3!
All it took was one night. And then… And then he was taken from everyone.

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Asher Cooper is lost. He is a tortured and broken man, healing himself with whiskey and women. Losing someone close to you is hard. Losing your brother, your only family and someone you’ve always sworn to protect is unbearable. His childhood was horrific. After reading 3 books with Zeke Cooper in them, I would have never guessed he went through all that. He was such a carefree and lovable guy. It made me want to give big hugs to the both of them… I have a lot of trouble reading that sort of thing, it breaks my heart.

Ash feels like he has no one. Nothing important to do in life except avenge the person who is responsible for his brother being gone. No one can pull him out of this funk he’s in. As hard as they try, Maddox especially, he seems like a lost cause. Until her. Chelcie. Chelcie was there for Asher right after Coop died. They have this bond, this special connection. If anyone can bring Ash back, it’s her. Being around her makes things a little bit better. She’s the only one who can light up the darkness.

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Chelcie and Asher’s friendship has always been a little more. It’s obvious that they both are attracted to each other, but that worries Chelcie.
The attraction between Asher and me has always been too much. Burning too bright. And as much as I love that about us, I also fear it.

She feels she needs to fight what’s between them. Not only does Ash not do relationships, he’s in a bad way and needs time to heal. She also has more on her shoulder's than she's letting anyone know. A secret she's been keeping form Ash. Him knowing could change everything- for the better or for the worse. She's not sure. She’s the only person who can heal this broken man.

Ash wants her. He will be whatever she needs, he just needs to have her.
“There’s plenty of time for us to learn every little thing about each other, but what I already know is enough for me to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you belong to me.”

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“Sunshine, once I take you- make you mine- I won’t ever let you go. You’re mine, baby. This body, this heart, and damn sure this pussy. I won’t take you until I know you understand what I’m saying to you.”

The first 40% or so of this book had a lot of build up. It was emotional. Dealing with Coop’s death, Chelcie’s secret, these two fighting their feelings for one another. But after that first 40%… Hot as fuck. Even though the steam starts out low, it quickly builds up to an inferno.

Ash is just one of those guys. The perfect combination of alpha. Sweet, protective, possessive and caring. He really had a loving and naturing side. I wasn’t sure what kind of guy he was, but he was one of the best kind. A broken man with demons who was able to overcome his past and be there for someone when they needed it. Asher is a man you can count on.

Chelcie is possibly my favorite Corp’s heroine to date. Not once did she frustrate or annoy me. She was exactly what Asher needed. She was there for him, loving and supporting when he needed it, but also could put him in his place when need be. I admired her strength and the way she handled herself. As much as I loved both characters individually, I loved them even more together. They were a great match.
“We all have that person… Every. Single. One. Of. Us. We have that person who makes us complete. He is my person.”

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It’s always wonderful to catch up with ALL the Corp’s security gang. What I love most about Harper’s guys is even though they are all big, strong alpha men, they aren’t carbon copies of one another. They all have their own personalities. Things that make them different from each other. They are all protective and loyal, but no ones as possessive as Axel, or has as big of a heart as Beck. Oh Beck. He’s still my #1 guy.

Maddox though, he’s a guy I’ve been intrigued by since reading Axel. After that book, we all wanted more and Harper has made us wait, saving the best for last. The more we get about him in each book, the more I want to know. He had a bigger presence in this book than any of the other guys (apart from Asher). What he said to Chelice really spoke to me.
“You make sure and keep that damn light shinning bright on him. You give a broken man like me hope that there might be something to be said about trusting that blaze that fights a man’s demons.”

I loved the little secret we got about Maddox here and it just makes me want to know more about him. And even Emmy had her own little kick ass moment! I can’t wait to read more about both of them. His book (due this winter) is one of my most anticipated reads this year!

The Corp’s Security series has quickly become one of my favorites. With the strong alpha males, the feisty heroines and unique story lines, I can’t get enough. In the past year we’ve been given four novels and one novella, and still I want more. I am greedy when it comes to these boys. Cooper’s story was full of healing, love and moving on. It was emotional, beautiful, steamy, a little suspenseful and had some humor thrown in. It’s an incredible story that will make you feel. If you haven’t read this series, get to it! These are must read books!

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    “We all have bad days. The only thing that matters is whether you focus on those days and not the ones that are full of magic.”

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