Friday, November 22, 2013

Indie Author Spotlight Tour with Jade C. Jamison

Jade sent me some teasers and let me tell you, I can't decide which ones to post! So I will post them throughout the day. I'll post my favorite one with this post along with an excerpt.

Excerpt from Backstage Passion:  Bullet
Jade C. Jamison

After struggling with a few lines for the better part of half an hour, I heard a soft knock at my door.  I’d been getting drowsy, so I wasn’t sure if I’d really heard it, but I got up anyway.  I wasn’t exactly decent in my tiny, strappy gown, so I figured I’d just peek out the door to see what whoever it was wanted.  I’d heard the guys laughing at whatever movie they were watching, so maybe they just wanted to ensure that I really didn’t want to join them.

When I stuck my head out the door, I saw Ethan.  Oh, goodness, he looked extra cute in the shadow of our tiny hallway.  His hair was growing out, adding to his ever-mysterious look, and over the past few weeks, he’d been working on a goatee.  I didn’t exactly mind seeing him there, but I wasn’t decent.  I was in one of those positions I knew my dad had worried about.  But that was okay.  It was just my head out the door.  “What’s up?”

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah.  Why wouldn’t it be?”

He was quiet for a moment.  “Can I come in for a second?”

I hesitated.  “Um…sure.”

I think I took his breath away.  He must have been expecting to see me in the robe.  When he walked in, he took me in for longer than he should and closed the door behind him.  But then he said, “Seriously, Val.  Sorry you had to hear that shit in the other room.”

I smiled.  “Not a big deal.”

He got close and wrapped his hands around my waist.  “Only one girl I’m thinking about right now.”  Oh…I hoped that was true.  He brought his lips to mine in a soft, sweet kiss, but that only lasted for a few seconds.  We turned passionate quickly, and before I knew it, my back was pressed against the wall.  My hands that had been spread against his chest soon slithered up to his neck, and I slid my hands into his hair.  His hands moved to cup my ass, and his touch sent a shiver through all my nerve endings.  I was beginning to feel sensations that I’d rarely felt, but I was enjoying them.

He lifted me up, and in a natural motion, I wrapped my legs around his so he was pressing right into me.  Oh…his penis was hard and pressing into that one area…the one that I’d had to ignore and deny my entire life.  I had put it into a figurative box, locked away, trapped, and the only time I’d had contact with it was in the shower when I cleaned it.  I’d only ever touched myself in the most clinical of ways, blushing when I’d do a breast exam and thinking about upcoming science tests or the cold weather when I’d wash my vaginal area.  But now it was awakened.  I’d felt the first tinglings before when I’d gotten overly friendly with Brad, but this was an intense sensation.  He was pressing into me, and it made me feel desperate, urgent.  I didn’t notice at first that my breathing had changed.

Ethan broke off our kiss and looked me in the eyes.  He looked like an animal, fierce and needy, and I wanted him.  Just seeing him like that made every single fiber in my body stand at attention, and I wondered if I looked like he did.  I thought I saw an inkling of a smile in his eyes.  “You like that?”

I knew what he was talking about, but the words were gone.  I was breathless.

He ground himself into me, and I gasped.  Oh, yes.  Oh, hell, yes.  I liked it.  But I still couldn’t say anything.  He knew, though, by the sharp intake of air into my lungs that I more than liked it, and he buried me in a kiss again.

I knew then what my body was made for, and now I knew why my mother and father had tried so desperately to hide it from me.  Sweet heavens above, I wanted nothing else now, and as that boy’s manhood continued to awaken my hidden desires, I knew my virginity was soon to be forgotten.

Ethan broke off the kiss again to look at me.  “God, I want you.”

My voice sounded foreign to my own ears—throaty, hoarse.  “I want you too.”

I saw it register with him, and I guess I was lucky he didn’t take me right then and there.  But he restrained himself.  “Not now.  Your first time…can’t be a quick fuck up against a wall.”  His eyes looked tender when he said, “Soon.  When the time is right.”

Now I felt desperate, but I hoped I didn’t sound brazen.  “When will be the right time?”

His eyes searched mine.  “Soon.  I promise.  I’ll take care of it.”  He kissed me again and then held me close, my legs still around him.  He nuzzled my neck, and that didn’t help.  Then he looked at me again.  “I should go.”

And then I wanted to ask him why he had to leave…why we couldn’t just make love right then and there.  But I knew…I knew I didn’t want to lose my virginity when there were three other guys in the next room in an apartment with paper-thin walls.  I was going to have to trust Ethan.  He had a plan—I could see that in his eyes.  He lowered me back down to the floor and held me close, willing his hard on to go down, but he kissed me once more.  Then he touched his nose to mine.  “Soon.  But get your rest.”

Yeah.  Like I could sleep now.

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