Tuesday, November 15, 2022

LIVE! Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan

 “Breathtaking, gut-wrenching, viscerally romantic.  

I want to curl up and live in this book.” 

Talia Hibbert, New York Times bestselling author 


Before I Let Go, an all-new powerful, soul-gripping second chance romance filled with raw emotion and sizzling steam from USA Today bestselling author Kennedy Ryan, is now available! 


About the Book:
💔Divorced couple
🛏 Only 1 Bed 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Co-parents 🙌🏾 Grown folks 🍽 Restaurant biz partners ✌🏾 Atlanta! 🧘🏾‍♀️ Mental health/Therapy

Get It Now:
UK & Commonwealth: https://bit.ly/3SaKr6J

Kennedy will be on tour in Raleigh, Atlanta, New York City & Los Angeles!   

Find all tour details here: https://kennedyryanwrites.com/events/


Before I Let Go is a stunning second chance romance about a previously married couple finding love again. It’s an epic love story that shows how grief and loss can change a person, but also how time, patience, and love can heal them.

Josiah and Yasmen were in love and then something happened. It’s not that they fell out of love, it’s that life wrecks their relationship. They have two children and a business together, so they’re always going to be in each others lives but they have been divorced for a few years and they’re trying to find their new normals now that some healing has happened. What they find is that just maybe they’re not as over one another as they thought.
“You have to decide if being afraid of losing Yasmen again is worth never having her again.”

I loved both of these characters so much. They went through something that rocked them and they crumbled. I think we would all like to assume that if we went through that we would be strong and stay with our partners but I think until you’ve been through something like that you just don’t know.

Finding each other and finding their way back to happy was such a beautiful thing. At times I was frustrated with both Yasmen and Josiah but I loved how much they truly cared about one another and respected each other. I rooted so hard for them to find a way back together. I loved the part therapy played into their story and of course I loved their children and seeing them both as parents. They always tried to stay on the same team even when they weren't together.

This is a story that hit me all up in my feels. Kennedy Ryan has the sort of writing that really speaks to you. It’s beautiful and brilliant and I was moved by this story. It was extremely emotional at times, but it also had some light hearted moments and times that made me laugh. Yasmen and Josiah’s story will break your heart, but by the end it will be mended. This book was excellent and I highly recommend it!

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