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Slow Surrender by Cecilia Tan

Slow SurrenderSlow Surrender by Cecilia Tan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Incredible Stars

I received a copy of Slow Surrender through Net Galley and Forever(Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for my honest review.

I absolutely loved this book. Yes it has the "fantasy" aspect to it because it has the "connect at first meeting," but it worked in this case. I couldn't put this one down once I started. I've seen this compared to 50 Shades of Grey and other works related to the BDSM scene, but this one is so different. Yes it has the filthy rich man, (James) who snags a poor woman(Karina) and he has a secretive life, but that's as far as the similarities go.

Cecilia has a way to make the sex(or no sex) scenes work that is so different from what I've read in other BDSM books. It all starts with a game involving a marble, yes you read that right, a marble. You will not be able to look at a marble the same way again after reading this book.

James tells Karina she has to earn the privilege to see his cock, and at first I was skeptical because come on what guy gets a girl off several times and doesn't want anything in return? But he kept his word and seemed genuine in wanting to pleasure Karina.

He sends Karina to a spa, and I can only ask "where the hell can I find a spa like that?" He knows the person at the spa and Karina gets treated to a shave and then is introduced to a glass dildo, A DILDO! This leads to a very hot scene indeed!

James and Karina are enjoying each other immensely but soon feelings are involved and things get serious. I wasn't expecting what came next, and it sucks that that is how the book ended. It's not really a cliff hanger but yet it leaves you wanting so much more.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Good. Now if you really desire this"-he hefted his own package in his slacks-"get down on your knees and kiss it."

"I make educated guesses. the thing is, they are so busy making their assumptions that now of them will guess the truth." "The truth?" "That I am, as we speak, already fucking you right in front of them."

Slow Surrender comes highly recommended by me to anybody who likes the BDSM and bondage.

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