Tuesday, January 9, 2018


A new brother’s-best-friend stand alone romance by USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde…

I was just his best friend’s little sister.

But he was always more than that to me.

After twelve years of pining over Patrick’s easy smile, baby blues, and captivating charm, I decide to take matters into my own hands—and completely blow my chance.

Who knew a self-proclaimed manwhore would decide to be a gentleman the first time I’m naked in his bed? Definitely, not me. But when I land there again, neither of us has any intention of stopping.

There’s only one problem: nobody can know. Especially not my three older brothers. If they found out, all hell would break loose.

So I’m willing to keep our secret...

Because I want him Wright here, right now.

Christy's Review:


I was determined for him to see me. Not just his best friend’s little sister.

THIS is the Wright book I’ve been waiting for! Not only do I adore Morgan Wright, but come on… I’m such a sucker for brother’s best friend books!

Morgan Wright has it all. She’s on top of her career, she’s got an amazing family and a few close friends. The only thing she’s missing is love. She’s had it bad for her brother’s best friend, Patrick for over a decade, but it’s never been that way for him. At least until now.

Patrick is a bit blindsided when starts developing feelings for Morgan. This can’t be happening. He can’t fall for his best friends little sister. It’s against the code. Not only is Morgan’s brother, Austin his best friend, he’s close with all the Wright brothers. They’re like family to him. But once he and Morgan get closer, he can’t turn off what he’s feeling… it’s okay that they’re together if it’s a secret, right?

Patrick wanted me. My heart fluttered. My stomach catapulted. My mind buzzed. This was real. This moment was real.

Morgan Wright may very well be my favorite Wright sibling. I love that she is fierce, independent, and sassy. She’s hard working, devoted to her job and her family, but also kind and vulnerable. Patrick was pretty fantastic as well. I loved how he stood up for Morgan and once he knew she was the one, he was willing to fight for her.

The more of the ‘Wright’ books I read, the more I fall in love with this family. I’m ecstatic to get a Sutton/David book. I just know it’s going to be incredible and hit me right in the feels! The Wright Secret is a sexy, swoony, and captivating read. I recommend it to all lovers of romance, especially those who love a kick ass heroine and the brother’s best friend troupe!


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