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A Review: Ten Thousand Words by Kelli Jean

Christy's 4.5 star review!

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Ten Thousand Words is my first Kelli Jean book, but I know I’ll be reading more by this author in the future! I really enjoyed this one. Jean's writing is fantastic and I loved that Xanthe and Oliver’s love story wasn’t the same old same old. It’s a beautiful love story between an author who is unique and quirky and a gorgeous bearded photographer/model. The pair starts out as an unlikely couple, but they couldn’t be more right for one another.

I loved this couple together. I loved the way they met and the way their relationship progressed. Was it perfect? No. There was a little angst and a little drama, but nothing over the top. Ollie is one of those guys that could be a jerk at times, but then he’d say or do something so incredibly swoony, you couldn’t help but to completely adore him.

A picture is worth a thousand words

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“When I’m able to sleep, I dream of you. I think of… everything- you’re smile, your laughter, the way you make me feel so blessed just to be allowed to know you.”

I think the best part of this story was watching the growth in both characters. The love from their counterpart made them both change for the better. Ollie seemed to bring Xanthe out of her shell some and showed her how truly beautiful she was. Xanthe changed Ollie’s initial perspective on people. No more judging people by the way they look or act, he gets to know them first.

There are a truly interesting and fantastic bunch of side characters in this book. All of Xanthe’s friends, Ollie’s BFF Trey and of course, Aunt Ellen made this book so much fun. This is a stand alone, but I really hope more books come along with some of these side characters. I need to know more about… what’s going on with them. Speaking of that, I thought that the little bit of mystery and the twists were great. It left me wanting more, that’s for sure!

If you’re looking for an original romance that has humor, steam, friendship, love and the best kinds of twists and turns, this is one I would recommend. Kelli Jean’s writing is fresh and impressive. I’m looking forward to reading more by her!

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  1. Nice review. I love good secondary characters. They add depth to a story.

  2. Nice review. I love good secondary characters. They add depth to a story.


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