Tuesday, August 11, 2015


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4.5 stars

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Well, that was quite a ride. Have you ever read a book where so much was going on your head was just spinning when you finished? Thats kind of how I feel right now. There was so much going on in this book, so many characters, storylines and drama drama drama! And I loved it! I loved that Ward could write a book like this and have everything come together so perfectly. Honestly, even with everything happening, I had no trouble keeping track of the characters or story line so that is a huge plus. I was consumed when listening to the story.

This book focuses on the Baldwine family. Including Lane, Edward and Gin. Along with their father William and brother Max who isn’t talked about much. Lane and Lizzie are who I would call the main characters of The Bourbon Kings.


 photo 2bb89ebf-4caa-4dd3-977b-3d9b0ff7a047_zpsh2vir2xb.jpgLane and Lizzy have a complicated past. It’s been two years since they’ve seen each other. Two years since Lane has seen anyone in his family. Now he’s home. He’s determined to get things together and fix things with Lizzy, if she’ll have him.
“I can’t go back, Lane. I’m sorry. I just can’t.”

He fell silent. And then after a long while, he nodded. “All right, but can I ask you for one thing?”

No. “Yes.”

“Just don’t hate me anymore. I’m doing plenty of that on my own time.”

Lane was by far my favorite character of the bunch, with Edward being a close second. I can’t wait to read the next in this series. I’m interested to see if it will focus on Edward or Gin. Either way, I hope we get more Lane and Lizzy. I don’t see their story as over.

 photo 875921b9-4c2d-425d-94e8-05d02b8eb3e3_zps7xkeppff.jpgJ.R. Ward is one of those authors that can do no wrong. Whether it’s writing my favorite paranormal series thats full of action and emotion, or writing a story about a wealthy Kentucky family that’s full of drama and secrets and twists and turns, she masters it all. This is a total win for me. I was addicted to this book and couldn't stop listening! The only issue I had with the story is that there was so much going on, it didn’t really focus on the main couple like I would have wished. Also, I wonder if when the next book comes out I’ll have trouble remembering everything because SO MUCH happened! Overall, it was still a fantastic read and one I would highly recommend!


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  1. I am pretty excited to read this one...hopefully soon!! I have it, I just need to get to it.


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