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Bad Intentions blog tour!

Title: Bad Intentions
Author: Nacole Stayton
Genre: Mature NA Romance
Release Date: August 6, 2015

She’s careful, but wants to be reckless. 
She’s cute, but wants to be sexy. 
She’s innocent, but wants to be bad.
When ex-Olympic gymnast, Adaley Knight wakes on her eighteenth birthday she only has one wish, to leave the only town she’s ever known and start fresh.
Finding herself enrolled at a college across the globe, the once modest Adaley is almost unrecognizable. Her new persona dances on the wild side by sinking her teeth into the first bad boy she sees. The only problem is he’s not the least bit interested.
Ryle Benson, baseball extraordinaire and brooding campus bad-boy keeps everyone at an arms length. Things have never come easy for him and the last thing he needs is getting involved with any female.
The tables are reversed as she tries to be bad, tempting fate, and he tries to fight his. The push and pull is half the fun. But what happens when one pushes a little too hard.


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Bad Intentions is a story about finding yourself. About taking risks, taking chances and being bold. It’s about a girl who felt like she lost everything in life going her own way and finding out there is more out there left to dream and there’s a whole different world right in front of her.

Adaley Knight was on the fast track to be an Olympic gymnast. It’s all she’s ever wanted, all that she’s worked for. When that dream is pulled out from underneath her, she moves cross country for college leaving behind everything and everyone she’s ever known. When she gets there, she quickly bonds with her fun and quirky roommate, Zoe and Zoe’s brother Tank. Zoe and Tank were quite frankly my favorite characters. Especially Tank. I adored him! I’m looking forward to reading his story :)

Back to Adaley- she is trying to find herself and making choices that aren’t really her along the way. When she meets Ryle Benson, she is immediately attracted to him. Then he opens his mouth. And he’s a huge jerk. But the more she gets to learn about Ryle, the more she sees him. Really sees him. His past, the reasons he is the way he is, that his heart is actually really big. Both of these characters have a past that they’re not very open about, and when things come to light, it’s not always pretty.

Bad Intentions is a book I had trouble rating. Because there were many good points- I love the authors writing, I loved the secondary characters lots, and even Ryle grew on me after a while. But I also had issues with the direction the story took. Not just the ending, which was a shocker, but the events leading up to the end. It really rubbed me the wrong way. The heroine made some choices that I ultimately couldn’t forget about and it changed my feelings for her. I adore Nacole and her writing style, and very much look forward to reading Tank’s story. Adaley and Ryle’s story had some good moments, but overall didn't work for me. Still- if you’re looking for a shocking, heart wrenching story that is high on angst and has some steam and humor as well, it may just be the book for you!

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Nacole Stayton is twenty-something years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass State where she spends her nights writing vigorously. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors, Nacole enjoys the finer things in life, like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle. She is passionate about her faith, family, and The Vampire Diaries.

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