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[ob-li-gey-shuh n]
An obligation is a course of action that someone is required to take, whether legal or moral. 
At six years old, Myla was sent to a family her father and mother had chosen for her when they knew their time on earth was almost up. What they were unaware of was what they thought would be her safe haven would become her living hell. 
Kai has been watching Myla from afar since he took over the family business from his father and inherited the responsibility of keeping her safe. When word gets back to Kai that Myla is not only in danger, but that his assets are being compromised, he immediately jumps into action and does the only thing that can be done at the time by marrying her. 
Neither Myla nor Kai would have thought that something that started off as a farce would become the most important thing either of them could've ever done.

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Obligation is the second book in Aurora Rose Reynold’s Underground Kings series. These books are a little more gritty, with heroes more dangerous than her other books. If you read book one in the series (this can be read as a standalone imo) you will remember Kai as Kenton’s friend. Kai’s story starts with a bang. And a marriage.

A quick Vegas wedding with a man Myla doesn’t remember knowing as a child is not what she expected when her day began. Myla’s life changes drastically in a very short span. Kai is a man who changes everything. He rescues her, marries her (for her safety of course) and she finds out that she knew him as a child and he’s been keeping his eye on her, protecting her. It’s a lot to take in.

Kai has always wanted to make sure Myla was protected. Now that she’s his wife, that desire has only grown. He never imagined he would actually be married to her, and since they have to pretend for it to be real anyway, they figure might as well make a go of it.

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ARR books are known for their steam. She did not disappoint when it came to bringing the heat. Kai was HOT. And Kai and Myla were hot together! Her heroes always have this badass, protective manor about them. And Kai even more so. His moral compass doesn’t point as far north as some heroes, so he’s even more tough. He will do anything to keep his woman safe. Anything. I do love my heroes like that. The ones that are scary and dangerous to everyone except the women they love.

This was a fast paced, sexy and suspenseful story. It took me a while to really figure out what was going on. Everything was happening so fast. But when the entire story came together, things really started to click. I liked both of the main characters and the epilogue was fantastic. After reading the sneak peak into Sven and Maggie’s story, I’m dying to read the next installment of the Underground Kings!

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"Sometimes, the things that seem the most difficult end up being the most extraordinary.”


Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who's husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She's married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it's beauty.

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