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5 stars for Kyland by Mia Sheridan!

 Kyland by Mia Sheridan 

Christy's 5+ stars review!

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“Someday, when I’m living my dreams, I’m going to think of all the things that broke my heart and I’m going to be thankful for them.”

I love all kinds of books. Reading is an experience for me. And books like Kyland are my most favorite types of books to read. I want to feel. I want to be so far immersed into a story that I lose track of the time and the place I’m at because I’m completely and fully invested in the lives of my characters. This book hit me right in the feels from the very first page. There are parts that broke me, but by the end every single decision had a purpose and every feeling I had was replaced with love and hope. This book moved me. It touched my heart.

To read about characters that are less fortunate than you is one thing, but to read about characters to struggle to have enough money to eat, to heat their homes, to buy shoes for their feet… it breaks your heart. Tenleigh and Kyland both live in a small mountain town in Kentucky where unfortunately, this is the norm.

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Tenleigh has her sister and her mother. Kyland doesn’t really have anyone. Both are struggling to survive, but working towards a bigger goal. Both have dreams and aspirations to make something of themselves. To get out of this town and go to college. There is one thing they both desperately want that can help them get there. The Tyton Cole Scholarship, given to one student from their graduating class would change everything for one of them.
“What keeps your fire burning?”

“The hope that life won’t always hurt so badly. The belief that I’ll get out of here some day- that I won’t be cold or hungry forever. It keeps me going.”

Kyland is one of those guys who keeps to himself. He doesn’t form attachments to anyone in this town. When he’s gone, he doesn’t want to leave anyone behind and hurt. So when he starts to fall for Tenleigh, it’s a problem. There is only one scholarship. And both of them are main contenders. As much as they try to fight it, the more time they spent together- the harder they start to fall. As much as both of them try to prevent it, they can’t.

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Kyland and Tenleigh are outstanding main characters. They both had an incredible amount of strength and tenacity. Kyland was perfection. He really was. It shocks me to say this- but he is my favorite of Mia’s leading men. As much as I love my Archer, there was something about Kyland that won me over completely.

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There were moments that Kyland straight up broke my heart. I was so upset and distraught. I was frantically messaging friends that have read this like WHAT is going on here?!? But really. In the end, I stick to my claim. Kyland is a perfect man. Everything he did that wasn’t so perfect, he did for a perfect reason. I just can’t rave about him enough.

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This is such a powerful and beautiful love story. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a story of hope, of sacrifice, forgiveness, and it’s a story that will stay with me.

    Tenleigh. Half agony, half hope. My love for her was everything… and all at once.

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I feel like a broken record when it comes to my love for all things Mia Sheridan. Every review I write for her is just a major gush fest. But I can’t help it. Mia Sheridan is truly one of the most talented authors. She writes stories that aren’t your traditional every day romances. There is always something special about them. She puts her own unique stamp on everything she writes. I am never disappointed when I read one of her books. I just know it’s going to be amazing. So if you’re looking for your next amazing read, pick up Kyland.

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Bella's Review

4.5 Stars
Loved Kyland!

I am a huge Mia Sheridan fan - so I was ECSTATIC to start her latest book, Kyland.

This book, the story of Kyland and Tenleigh, was heartbreaking, devastating and sweet.

Things I loved about this book:
- The writing. I love Mia's writing. She sucks me in and I just can't stop turning the pages!
- Alternating POV - this is my favorite way to read a book.
- The cover. I LOVE that cover. That is exactly who I pictured as Kyland while reading.
- Kyland. He is amazing. He tries to be selfish. He tries to stay away from Tenleigh. But he is so good and selfless. The things this boy has had to made my heart squeeze and I wanted to just hop into the book and hug him.

Kyland and Tenleigh are seniors in high school working towards one goal: get out of Dennville, Kentucky - a town in the Appalachian Mountains that is very poor. One senior is awarded a scholarship every year and they have both applied for this scholarship and are banking on their one chance to leave poverty behind.

Falling in love is NOT on their list. Kyland can't afford to make any attachements in Dennville, Kentucky. Because scholarship or not, he's leaving. And he makes that quite clear to Tenleigh.

Tenleigh knows that men leave. Her father left. Her sister's boyfriend left her. And Kyland has made it very clear that he is leaving, too. It is NOT a good idea to fall in love with him. She knows that scholarship is her one chance to make something of herself.


They have this pull to each other. And they just...can't stay away from each other. I love this chemistry they have. I love when heart over-rules logic.

"Sorry for not being able to stay away from you. Sorry for not being able to stop thinking about you. Sorry for starting to walk over to your trailer every five minutes since I woke up and you were gone. Sorry for being so damn selfish."

I don't want to give the story away, but these two teenagers captured my heart. They have grown up in poverty, barely scraping by, not having enough food to eat. It really made me put my life into perspective and stop whining about stupid things.

Mia Sheridan succeeded in making me fall in love, ripping my heart to shreds and then putting it back together again....pretty typical Mia Sheridan.

My favorite book by this author remains Stinger, followed closely behind by Archer's Voice.

If you haven't read Mia Sheridan, what are you waiting for???

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