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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Christy's 5+ Star review of Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover:

Maybe not right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But maybe someday.

Colleen Hoover is one of those authors that never disappoints. I don’t think she has it in her to write anything other than perfection. I loved every chapter, every page, every word ofMaybe Someday.

Sydney and Ridge’s story was so different, so original, and due to the nature of the story, it’s going to be hard to review. I’m going to hide all my spoilers, and I would highly recommend NOT reading any of them unless you’ve read the book. Go into it without knowing what it’s all about, it will make the story that much more powerful.

Sydney just caught her boyfriend of two years cheating on her. With her best friend. She doesn’t know what to do or where to turn, and ends up on her neighbor Ridge’s doorstep. There is something about Ridge that draws Sydney to him. She’s not in a place in her life to jump straight into another relationship, but it’s no secret she’s attracted to him.

Ridge doesn’t know Sydney well. He see’s her sometimes on her balcony, listening to him play guitar. He’s just an all around good guy and wants to help her out. She becomes the fourth roommate in a uniquely crazy trio, until she can get back on her feet.

Sydney and Ridge spend time together and connect over music. She is a muse to Ridge, inspires him to play and helps him with lyrics. They work well together. They are determined to keep it platonic, let it just be about the music but it’s not easy to fight this powerful attraction. 

I’m convinced that people come across others in life whose souls are completely compatible with their own. Some refer to them as soul mates. Some refer to it as true love. Some people believe their souls are compatible with more than one person, and I’m beginning to understand how true that might be.

As their relationship/friendship develops, I found myself more conflicted than I ever have while reading... 

This is the part where there would be all kinds of spoilers, but I can't do that to you guys... I have so much I want to say about these characters and this story, but I won't go into detail about anything that would completely spoil the story... 

The characters were imperfect and flawed, yet completely and utterly lovable. Ridge was sweet, sexy, devoted and kind. Sydney was fun, strong and incredibly patient and understanding. Then there was Warren. There were times he pretty much stole the book. He was hilarious, but he had other sides. The pranks and his ‘tv’ nights killed me, and he had so many laugh out loud lines. I would LOVE a Warren spin off!
“I’ll make you a deal, I’ll keep my hands off you tonight so guys won’t assume you’re madly in love with me. I hate cock blockers, and I refuse to be one. But if anyone makes you uncomfortable, just look at me and give me a signal so I can swoop in and pull you out of the situation.”
Gah! He was just too funny!

I also want to comment on the music. I loved how much the story centered on the music and the connection these two character shared through it. It was very cool to be able to listen to the music after/during reading.

Colleen has a writing style that’s hard to describe. Her words just have this flow. They’re beautiful, captivating and suck you right in. Her writing is just flawless. I love her profound words that pop up-
‘Sometimes in life, we need a few bad days in order to keep the good ones in perspective.’

‘Heroines don’t need protecting.’

Once you start reading you can’t put the book down. It’s like life around you stops and you’re stuck in Hoover land. It’s a wonderful place to be. I can’t recommend this book enough. Heartwarming, heartbreaking, powerful and moving. I fell in love with this book. I loved how unpredictable it was. I can guarantee you won’t be able to tell whats coming next while reading! And I'm not sure how it's possible, but she delivered the perfect ending. Perfect! When it’s released, I encourage EVERYONE to get out there and get their copy. It’s a truly one of a kind, not to be missed book!

Babes- This book is one I label a MUST READ. It is released tomorrow so go pre-order it now or pick it up first thing! I was lucky to get an ARC from Atria books via NetGalley, but I will be purchasing the paperback right away!

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