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Love Unclaimed Cover Reveal Jennifer Benson

Jennifer Benson

Author of The Red Truck Series

Cover Reveal: Love Unclaimed, by Jennifer Benson

Date March 18, 2014

Book Title: Love Unclaimed
Author: Jennifer Benson
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Release Date: April 14, 2014
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Audree Edwards has loved Gavin Montgomery since she was a little girl, but her older brother Clint made it clear that Audree was off limits. Audree however, wasn’t taking no for an answer and made it clear to Gavin she wanted him. 

Gavin, not having the best family life, bolted as soon as he could after high school. Audree knew she couldn’t have all of Gavin and settled for the bit of him she could hold on to. When they are both finally ready to admit they want more, Audree thinks Gavin has done the unthinkable. 

Will Gavin be able to tell Audree he's ready to pursue a future? 

Will Audree see the truth about Gavin before it is too late? 

Will Audree and Gavin finally give in tell each other how they feel and what they want?

“Gavin and I are not together.” Audree cringed when she said it.

“Oh, well, I thought … the way he was looking at you and the way he was dancing with you, …”

“Gavin has never asked me to be his…” Well, anything, she thought sadly. As she moved her eyes away from Scotty, she saw Eva riding toward them from over Scotty’s shoulder.

“I got the impression that….”

“Gavin has made it quite clear we cannot be together,” sheinterrupted, almost too quietly for him to hear, but she knew hehad.

“Are you okay with that? I’d like to take you out sometime.” He took out his cell phone. Put in your number and I’ll call you and ask you out properly.” He held the phone out, almost like a dare. He watched her as she looked over his shoulder at Eva then saw as Gavin appeared next to her. Audree took the phone from his hand, pushed the buttons, and handed him back the phone just as the two horses and their ridersarrived at their side.

Jennifer is a devoted wife and mother to two rambunctious children that love keeping her on her toes. Her "real" job as a paralegal occupies the time she would rather be using to write, read, chat with her many author and blogger friends, or hang out with her family watching movies. Any free moment she has is devoted to helping spread the word for her indie author friends who lovingly call her 'the ninja' or writing her newest story.

Jennifer has been writing since she was young. She has always been an avid reader. She always has her nose in a book and carries her Kindle everywhere. Now she plans to follow her dream and be on the other side of the pages and share her passion for writing with readers.

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Cover Design by:
Renee Ericson

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