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5+ Star review for Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love)Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Archer stars

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I am in awe of this book. It hit all my five star plus buttons. I know it’s early, but I can already tell this is going to be in my top 10 of the year. I loved it that much!

Archer Hale has spent his life in solitude. Something traumatic happened to him when he was seven years old and left his voice box so damaged he could no longer speak. He lived with his uncle, never leaving the property. His uncle passed away a while ago, and he’s been alone ever since.  He knows it’s not normal, but it’s what is best for everyone.
I was a freak. I was out here alone and isolated for a reason- I was to blame for so much tragedy, so much pain. I was worthless.

He comes to town every once in a while to buy necessities, and most just ignore him. That is until Bree Prescott shows up. Bree leaves her hometown of Cincinnati Ohio (which just happens to be MY hometown ;)) to head to the small lakeside town of Pelion Maine. Tragedy has struck her as well, and she needs to get away for a while. Start fresh. There are things she’s leaving behind. Things that haunt her, but she’s working on it.
“You are going to be okay, Bree. You are strong and you are going to be happy again. Do you hear me? There’s something good about this place. Do you feel it?”

The first time Bree runs into Archer, she can tell there is something about him. Something she wants to know more about. She asks around about the mysterious Archer Hale and finds out that he can’t speak. Bree doesn’t let that stop her. After living her life with a hearing impaired father, she knows how to sign. She wants to talk to Archer.

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Archer is hesitant to let Bree in. He has been isolated and secluded for so long, he finds it hard to be around her at first. Bree Prescott is a very determined individual. She knows what she wants, and she wants to be friends with Archer Hale. She hates the way everyone in town sees him, but Archer doesn’t seem to mind. She only wishes everyone could get to know the real Archer. The Archer she’s come to know.
If they only knew.
If who only knew what?

Everyone in town. Some of them think you’re not right in the head, you know. It’s laughable really. Why do you let them think that?

Just easier that way.
I don’t like it.

It’s been this way for a long time, Bree, it’s fine. It works for everyone involved.

Archer and Bree start making a habit of seeing one another every day. Little by little, she gets him to break out of his shell. Then there is the haircut. Who would have thought something so simple as a haircut could bring some feelings to light. Archer is obviously inexperienced when it comes to women, but he wants Bree, and he thinks she feels the same.
Did you... want me to kiss you yesterday? Did you want me to touch you?

I wanted to kiss you, to touch you. I just didn’t know... if you wanted that too.

Bree more than wants Archer. She is falling for him.

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Bree tries to get Archer to come out more, to join the land of the living. He’s not sure if thats something he can do, but for Bree, he’ll try.
You are a real person, you can live a life like other people do.

With the friendship and love Archer and Bree are developing, there is also some drama and suspense going on in the background. Archer’s family is full of secrets. His aunt and cousin run the town. He’s lost those most important to him and he has secrets. Secrets he’s never told a soul. Until Bree. Archer’s cousin Travis appears to have Archer’s best interests at heart, but it becomes evident early on thats not the case. Bree tries to protect Archer from it all. Archer doesn’t want her protection. Just her love. She is everything to him. He never thought he could have a love like this. Never dreamed it could happen.
“What are your dreams, Archer?”

‘I didn’t know enough to dream you, Bree, but somehow you came true anyway.’

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Archer gets ideas put in his head. Can Bree really be happy in this life, small town Maine, a guy who can’t talk, isn’t social? He worries he will be a burden to her and thats something he can’t handle.
‘This is that burden I was talking about, Bree. This is what the burden of loving me looks like.’

“Loving you isn’t a burden. Loving you is an honor and a joy, Archer.”

When both of their pasts come rearing to the future, will they be able to handle it? Be able to stand together and be there for one another?

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Bree and Archer together are magnificent. Everything between them was beautiful and genuine. Their friendship turned relationship was wonderful to watch grow and develop. It is a rarity, but when I find a book where I love the hero and the heroine equally, it makes me a very happy reader. That is the case here. Bree is sweet, strong, understanding, patient and kind. She is sincere. The way she treated Archer with kindness and respect from the start made me love her even more. Then there is Archer Hale. The silent, beautiful man who stole Bree’s heart. Archer is broken, awkward, shy and  enigmatic. He is not your typical hero, but that only made me love him more. He had the sweetest soul and that is what made me fall in love with this beautiful broken man. The love, the chemistry, the friendship, the communication, the attraction and the understanding made their relationship special.

This was such an exceptional book for me. Bree and Archer’s story will stay with me for a long time. A memorable story about two remarkable people who find love in an unforseeable situation. An emotional journey that had me laughing, crying, and swoooing. The writing was exquisite, every page captivated me. This has taken the spot of my favorite book in 2014 (so far). I would highly recommend it to all!

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I was finally home. Not the place, but his arms. Archer’s arms were my home- the only place i wanted to be, the place where I felt safe. The place where I felt loved.


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