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Rome (Marked Men, #3)Rome by Jay Crownover
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4-4.5 Stars!

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Jay Crownover’s third installment of the Marked Men series was about Rule’s older brother, Rome (aka Captain no-fun) and his friend Cora (aka Tink or Half-pint). Rome had all the steam, fun loving moments and captivating characters that drew me in with Rule.

Rome Archer is back from his final tour with the Army. He is home and he’s not been himself since he’s been back. He has issues with his family, and his time spent at war left it's mark. He’s changed. And lets be honest, he’s been quite an ass since he’s been back. Everyone in the group is trying to just let it slide for now, except Cora. This little tattooed pixie gives him a piece of her mind when he says something out of line about his brother, Rule, who happens to be one of her best friends.

Cora is spunky, feisty and a wonderful leading lady! She seems more put together than Rome, but she has her issues too. She’s been marked by her past just like Rome. She’s had her heart broken in the worst way, and now she is very cautious about giving it away. She’s not sure if she ever will. At least not until she finds ‘Mr. Perfect.’
In order to make the same mistake, to prevent myself from giving my heart away so carelessly, I was bound and determined to wait for a guy who was all in with me. I wasn’t settling for anything less than perfection, even if I had to wait forever to find it.


Rome and Cora are seeing each other more often. They run with the same group so it’s bound to happen. One night, Rome is having a hard time and calls the shop for Rule to come fetch him from the Bar. Cora knows Rule is busy, so she decides to go help. From there it all begins. Cora is attracted to Rome. You would have to be blind not to be. He is all muscle, bright blue eyes, ex army alpha male. The feeling is mutual. There is something different about Cora. She is unlike any other girl Rome knows. They both want one another. In one night of passion, they give into all their desires. Cora starts to re-think her ideas of Mr. Perfect...

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Rome is closed off to everyone, but there is something about Cora that can bring him out of his shell little by little. He is intrigued by her. Just hanging out with her makes his life more bright. He doesn’t want to give that up.

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The two seem like opposites. Rome is a big guy. He is strong, stoic and tough. Cora is physically much smaller, has lots of ink and piercings, and is a spitfire. Despite all their difference, they have things in common. Both are loyal and protective of their friends and family, caring and they have things they are dealing with. Rome and Cora have a lot of obstacles to face.  Rome has to deal with his guilt, PTSD, depression and nightmares and Cora needs to get over her fear of falling deep in love and having that person leave. They struggle. They come together. They fall apart. Healing isn’t always easy, but when the two were finally able to get it together, it was incredible.

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Overall, Rome was a beautiful romance. Not only was it sexy and sweet, but it had just enough emotion and humor to make it the entire package. I was a bit disappointed by Jet’s book, so I was very excited that I loved this book! Even though Rule has been my favorite book in the Marked Men series so far (I really adore Rule), I can say with absolute certainty that Rome is my favorite Archer brother! I love these characters. I root for these couples. They really are a great group of people. Not only was it nice to read about Cora and Rome, but was wonderful to catch up with Rule, Shaw, Jet, Ayden, Nash, Rowdy, Asa and the rest of the gang. The ending left with a slight cliffhanger (though not with the couple). I’m excited that Nash gets his book next and I’m hoping it features a certain red-headed nurse ;)

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He wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t perfect, but the love we had for each other... nothing was more perfect than that.


***ARC kindly provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review***

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Title: Rome (Marked Men #3)
Author: Jay Crownover
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: William Morrow an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.
Cora Lewis is a whole lot of fun, and she knows how to keep her tattooed bad boy friends in line. But all that flash and sass hide the fact that she’s never gotten over the way her first love broke her heart. Now she has a plan to make sure that never happens again: She’s only going to fall in love with someone perfect.
Rome Archer is as far from perfect as a man can be. He’s stubborn and rigid, he’s bossy and has come back from his final tour of duty fundamentally broken. Rome’s used to filling a role: big brother, doting son, super soldier; and now none of these fit anymore. Now he’s just a man trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life while keeping the demons of war and loss at bay. He would have been glad to suffer it alone, until Cora comes sweeping into his life and becomes the only color on his bleak horizon.
Perfect isn’t in the cards for these two, but imperfect might just last forever . . .
About the Author
I’m supposed to share interesting details about myself so that my readers get to know me so here we go in no particular order: I’m an natural redhead even though I haven’t seen my real hair color in years, I’m a big fan of tattoos and have a half sleeve on either arm and various other pieces all over the place, I’ve been in the bar industry since I was in college and it has always offered interesting insight into how men and women interact with each other, I have 3 dogs that are all crazy, I live in Colorado and love the snow, I love music and in all reality wish I could be a rock star not a writer or a bartender but I have zero talent so there is that.
I love to write, love to read and all I’m interested in is a good story with interesting characters that make the reader feel something.

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