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Perfect Lie review

Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes
all rational thought.

That's why Brock and I never had a chance.  I had to start my life over. College was my
chance to become someone new. I changed everything about myself to fit in, but
one person saw through my facade.

The attraction between Abel and I was undeniable, but I
still hadn't healed from the painful secret I carried around with me. Abel
struggled to get me to face my past in order to move forward. In doing so, he
revealed a secret of his own; one that changed everything I thought I knew.

A secret that would bring Brock back into my life and force
me to face the truth of what really happened the day I lost him.

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I’ve been thinking about this book ever since I finished it... I had to re-read the ending about 5 times, but now that I’ve thought about it all day, I get it. It’s still just, wow. My review will be spoiler free, and I think it’s important if you’re going to read this book you don’t look at any of the spoilers. The twist at the end is one I don’t think anyone would see coming and you don’t want it to be ruined for you.

Meet Delilah aka Lie...

“I’m Delilah, the mistake.”

Lie’s biggest mistake in life was something completely out of her control. She was born. Growing up, she was mistreated, bullied, and neglected. It gets to be too much to take. Then one day, at the youth center, she meets Brock. Brock takes to Lie quickly. He can tell there is something special about her and he befriends her. Brock is captivating, charming and makes Lie feel like she is worth something for the first time in her life. Lie is resistant to him at first. No one has ever been nice to her without wanting something, but she realizes he is sincere pretty quickly. Brock has issues too, but now that he and Lie have each other, everything will be okay...

“I don’t want to fix you, Bird. I want you to fix me.”

The story is told switching from present to past, back and forth. From the first chapter or two we know that Brock is out of the picture and Lie has moved from Mississippi to Florida. What happened? Why did it happen? What are the events that led up to this change? We have no idea... yet.

I lived in the past and merely existed in the present, with no care for my future. That’s just the way it was.

Lie is in college now, rooming with a girl named Trish. Trish is a party girl, doesn’t care much about anything except going out, picking up guys and getting trashed. Lie isn’t that girl, but she still hangs out with Trish (not sure why... I couldn’t stand this girl!) One night, she goes to a house party to meet some of Trish’s friends and ends up meeting Abel. The guy with the ocean eyes. Abel is different from the other guys there. He isn’t perfect, he has a pretty questionable past, but you can tell after he’s with Lie for a short time there is something there.

Lie holds back when it comes to guys, always. There is always Brock there in the back of her mind. We still don’t have the pieces to the story. What happened to Brock? 

He broke his promise of forever.

After hanging out with Abel, Lie is more confused than ever. It’s apparent that they are attracted to one another. There is something there that draws them to one another, like a moth to a flame. I wasn’t sure about Abel through part of the book. He did a few things that pissed me off. By the end, I adored him. He truly did care for Lie and only wanted what was best for her. 

When you are reading this book, your mind will feel like a clusterfucked mess. Thats the only way I can describe it. Trying to put together all the pieces of the story and figure it out is more difficult than you would think. Then the end... holy crap. I still don’t even know what to think about it. I was shocked. I cried. Then I had to re-read it a few times just to make sure I read that right... it can’t be that? Yes. It totally is. I’m sorry it this isn’t making sense, but it really is one of those books you have to read for yourself. Then you’ll get my nonsensical ramblings. It was most definitely a unique read! If you’re looking different kind of romance that will screw with the mind, this might be the book for you! 

Author Bio:
"I was a Russian spy at the ripe age of thirteen, given my uncanny ability to tell if someone was lying ( I also read fortunes on the weekends). By sixteen I had become too much of a handful for the Lethal Intelligence Ensemble (L.I.E.). I was quickly exiled to the south of France where I worked with wayward elephants in the Circus of Roaming Animals and People (C.R.A.P.). I was able to make ends meet by selling my organs on the black market for pocket change and beer money. At the age of twenty three I decided to expand my horizons and become a blackjack dealer in Ireland. I loved the family atmosphere at Barney's Underground Liquor Lounge (B.U.L.L.). People couldn't resist the allure of Liquor up front and poker in the rear. Eventually I became tired of the rear and headed off to the United States to try my hand at tall tales. That is what brings us here today. If you have a moment I'd like to tell you a story.
(This bio is not to be taken seriously under any circumstance.)

Teresa Mummert is an army wife and mother whose passion in life is writing. She is the author of the New York Times and USA Todaybestselling novels White Trash Beautiful and Suicide Note. Born in Pennsylvania, she lived a small town life before following her husband's military career to Louisiana and Georgia. Check out her website for samples and updates!"

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