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BLOG TOUR: The Locker Room by Meghan Quinn


The Locker Room by Meghan Quinn

Release Date: June 20th

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Have you heard the rumor around campus about the locker room?

If you haven't, let me enlighten you: Legend has it if you bring a girl into the sacred after-game domain of the baseball locker room, it will end with a walk down the aisle. One rowdy and naked encounter against the lockers with the girl of your dreams will make her your wife.

Translation: baseball players are stupidly superstitious and believe the locker room has magical powers.

But not all baseball players are superstitious, me included.

So when the girl I've fallen for brushes me off, I start to question if I need to switch my way of thinking. Maybe it's time I finally hand out a coveted invitation to the locker room.

The only question is, will she accept?


Christy's Review

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Meghan Quinn writes some of the best rom-coms out there. The Locker Room was a fun and flirty romance that gave me lots of laughs with just enough angst and emotion. I love sports romances and there aren't enough baseball ones out there.

After ending a six year relationship, Emory moves across the country to start her junior year of college. Her first day of classes she meets Knox Gentry, star of the baseball team. Knox isn't known for being in relationships but there is something about Emory he finds irresistible. He peruses her relentlessly. He knows when he's found something good and Emory is just that.

Knox Gentry is a one of a kind hero and I adored him! I loved how full of himself he was (in a good way) but how he was also so kind and patient with Emory. Emory was gun shy about being in a relationship and I understood why. She had to work on herself before she could get that involved and I respected that. Still, there was no way that she could resist Knox. He was too much in the best way possible. I loved their texts, banter, and the bets. It was all great. I could just see them both falling so hard for one another and I adored it.

“I’ve never in my life wanted anyone more than I want you.”

Honestly, I loved the heck out of this book and I was fairly sure it was going to be a five star read for me. It had me laughing, swooning, and was super duper steamy. But then something happened that I didn't love and put a bit of a damper on things for me personally... Fortunately, it wasn't anything that made me not love the book. I still loved it to pieces, and the ending made me smile so big. I did, however, knock off a star because it rubbed me wrong. But even with that little thing, I can't recommend this one enough! It was so good.

If you're looking for a fun, fast paced, sports romance that will make you laugh out loud and has a high steam factor, pick this book up! I will for sure be looking forward to more rom-com/sports romances from Quinn in the future. 


About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.


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