Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Thing About Love by Julie James @BerkleyRomance

Christy's Review: 

The Thing About Love is my first Julie James book, and all I have to say to that is- where have I been and what have I been missing? I have this strong desire to go back and read the rest of this series, and I probably will once I get a little more time! This is book #7 in FBI/US Attorney series but can definitely be read as a stand alone. 

Jessica Harlow’s job is everything to her. Now that her marriage is over, she’s essentially given up on men and is married to her job. When she gets paired with John Shepherd for an undercover assignment, the banter is strong between these two, and so is the chemistry! These two are rivals of sorts, but now that they’re working together they have to find a way to do just that- work together! It’s not as easy as it seems… 

My favorite thing about this book- it made me LAUGH. Not just smile or chuckle a bit, full on laugh. I love funny books, and when you add in a sexy story with witty back and forth banter and fantastic characters, you have a huge win in my book! Jessica is a strong and fabulous heroine and I loved John as well! If you’re looking for a book that has great sexual tension, a fun enemies to lovers story line and one that will make you laugh out loud, this is one I highly recommend you picking up! 


Steeling himself, John turned around and smiled as Jessica approached. “Yes, Agent Harlow. How can I be of service?” 
In response to his dry tone, she threw him a glare so cold it could’ve frozen all nine circles of Dante’s Hell. Fittingly, just nine of the many places he would rather be than stuck working with her on this investigation.
 “Look, I’m not thrilled about this, either.” Keeping her voice low, she came to a stop next to him at the elevator bank. “I thought you were supposed to be on the Hostage Rescue Team already.”
“And I thought you were supposed to be in L.A.”
There was a quick flash in her eyes before she shrugged off his question. “Change of plans.” 
The elevator arrived at their floor, and they both stepped inside. She hit the button for the seventh floor, where the public corruption squad was located. Standing on the opposite side, he pressed the button for floor five. 
They faced off as the doors shut. She folded her arms across her chest and studied him with those crystalline blue eyes that could so cleverly mask her emotions. 
As he knew well.
“We’re going to have to figure this out,” she said. “We’re supposed to be business partners in this.”
Thank you, yes, being a professional, he was aware of that. He took a step closer. “It’s called “undercover” work, Harlow. If I can pretend to be a gun-buying, murder-for-hire thug, I think I can handle playing some rich investor-type who wants to skirt a few measly zoning laws.” Even a rich investor-type who was apparently masochistic enough to get in bed with the likes of her
“Measly zoning laws?” she repeated.
Ooh, now he’d gone and pissed her off. How nice it was, really, that they could pick up like this, right where they’d left off.
She drew in closer, tilting her head back to meet his gaze. He was over a foot taller than her, although he noticed that she was heightening a bit with those expensive-looking three-inch heels she wore.
“Our target in this investigation is the mayor of the thirteenth largest city in the United States. That’s a pretty big deal in my book.” She gestured to his facial scruff and hair. “And while I appreciate that this . . . Sons of Anarchy motif you’ve got going might ingratiate yourself with the gun-buying, murder-for-hire, organized-crime thugs of the world, that’s not quite going to fly with this sting operation.”
 “’Thirteenth largest city in the United States?’” he scoffed. “Just how many hours did you spend reviewing the case files last night?” 
She smiled sweetly as the elevator arrived at her floor. “Enough to get the jump on you.” 
Then the doors sprang open, and she gave him a friendly wave, once again stepping into the role of Ms. Congeniality. “So glad we got to catch up like this, Agent Shepherd. We’ll talk again soon.”
He watched her stride confidently down the hallway as the elevator doors closed between them. 
Enough to get the jump on you.
Not for long, sweetheart.

Time for him to get cracking on that case file.

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