Thursday, March 23, 2017

5+ stars to Goodbye Paradise by Sarina Bowen!

Christy's 5+ stars Review!

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I've read most of Sarina Bowen's books, and there hasn't been one I've read that I didn't enjoy. But I haven't loved one quite as much as Goodbye Paradise. The Understatement of the Year is a close second, so it's safe to say this author has quite the knack for M/M romance.

Caleb and Joshua are from a polygamist compound. They have been best friends their entire life, but there has always been feelings there, lingering between them. For Joshua, he's always wanted his best friend, Caleb. Even if he knew it was something he could never have. Caleb has always loved Joshua and has done his best to protect him in this world they're from. But there comes a point when protecting him is impossible, and all he can do is try to save him.
My whole life I’d wanted this impossible thing. And I didn’t know why it was happening now. But it was everything I’d ever wanted.

Joshua and Caleb have quite a journey. Caleb and Josh are both so strong in different ways. I don't want to talk much about the story-line, I loved experiencing it completely blind. Honesty, I just skimmed the blurb and that is it. I adored both of these boys and loved watching them come into their own. Their love for each other is inspiring.

“Caleb,” he whispered against my skin. “Just make me yours.”

“You,” I said, kissing him on the forehead, “are already mine. You have always been mine.”

Caleb and Josh's story had just enough angst to keep you hooked, but it wasn't overboard. Honestly, it didn't need all the extras. Their story itself was powerful all on it's own. Josh and Caleb were so different, but they complimented each other. I loved them together so much.

This story brought ALL the feels. Josh and Caleb are two characters you'll root for. Their story was so dang beautiful. Heart-felt, emotional, sexy, and a gorgeous friends to lovers tale- this story is about two best friends who fall in love, learn how to survive, and learn it's okay to be their true selves. I can't recommend this book enough. The best M/M I've read in a while, and one of my top books so far this year!
“I could never help loving you. It’s just the way I’m wired.”

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