Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Year of Second Chances by Jessica Sorensen

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I feel like I’ve been waiting for the longest time for the conclusion to Isabella Ander’s story. It’s finally here. The Year of Second Chances is the third and final book in the Sunnyvale series. There were questions I needed answered (they were! Yay!) and I really really needed my guy, Kai, to get the girl. I won’t spoil that for you, though.

Isa is living with her Grandma Stephy after her father and step-monster, Lynn, all but kicked her out. She has questions about her mom. Someones been following her, and someone else has been harassing her at school. She’s stressed, but she has Kai. Kai who is an amazing friend to her, but wants to be more. Kai is there for Isa no matter what. He helps her find the answers she needs, and protects her when it all hits the fan. Kai one of the best hero’s Sorensen has written. I adore him. I love Isa too. She’s tough, and is just overall a cool girl.

There was so much drama at the end, my head was spinning! By the end I really wished we had more time with the couple being a couple and a little less drama. Still, I really did enjoy this series as a whole and I’m glad I finally got to see how it all turned out! All three of the books are quick reads with an endearing heroine and a fantastic hero. I give this one 3.5 stars, but the series as a whole is a 4-4.5 star series. Recommended for readers of YA (bordering on NA) that enjoy a little suspense with their YA romance.

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