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Fast Connection by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell - RELEASE DAY & Review by Bella

Series: Cyberlove, book 2
Authors: Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell
Release day: July 11, 2016

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After a decade of serving in the Army, everyone still expects me to be Dominic 'Nicky' Costigan—the skirt-chasing player. They don't know I've been spending my days trying to figure out my post-military life. Including how to pick up guys.

When I meet Luke on a hookup app, he makes it clear it's for one-night only. That's fine with me, because I'm down to see what this silver fox can do. But after I arrive at his doorstep, it doesn't take long to realize we have serious chemistry, and we end up meeting again.

He's got more walls around his heart than a military base, but I think he's as addicted to me as I am to him. He can't resist me for long. I mean, who can? Except Luke's rules exist for a reason, and when I test his limits, things get complicated. Maybe too complicated.

Bella's Review: 4.5 Stars!!!
4.5 Stars!!!!

Amazing story about Dominic and Luke! 

Strong Signal was absolutely amazing. AMAZING. Seriously, if you haven't read book one, please stop right now and one click. Garrett and Kai were amazing. 

Fast Connection is about Dominic and Luke. Dominic is home from the military. He's not feeling so sure about his place in life. He's living at home, working in his parent's deli and realizing that he has outgrown living with his parents. But he needs to get a plan in place before he moves out. 

In the meantime.... he really wants to explore his bisexuality. Being with men is relatively new and he wants to experience more. does one find a hookup? Grindr of course. 

Luke is 39. He's divorced with two teenage kids. But he's also bisexual. And he likes hooking up with young men. And he likes to keep his hookups very separate from his family life. And he never does repeats. And he doesn't talk much. LOL. Took me a while to warm up to Luke. 

These two meet for a fast hookup. 

But neither one can stop thinking about the other. 

What I loved about this book:
~The writing. So easy to read. It's always so impressive when 2 authors collaborate and these two have a magic recipe. The writing is seamless. 
~ Alternating POV. I'm so glad we get into both character's head. 
~ Chemistry. Man. Luke and Dominic have chemistry. 
~ Banter/texting. Love the back and forth!
~ Flaws. We are all flawed. Luke and Dominic are not perfect. Their journey to HEA is not easy. It's messy. Families aren't always cookie cutter families. But I love how each one becomes a better person throughout the story. 

Bottom line: Fast Connection is a great story about coming to terms with who you are, embracing yourself and letting your family in. It's sweet, angsty, sexy and addictive!!

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Author bio:
Megan Erickson is a USA Today bestselling author of romance that sizzles. Her books have a touch of nerd, a dash of humor, and always have a happily ever after. A former journalist, she switched to fiction when she decided she likes writing her own endings better.
She lives in Pennsylvania with her very own nerdy husband and two kids. Although rather fun-sized, she’s been told she has a full-sized personality. When Megan isn’t writing, she’s either lounging with her two cats named after John Hughes characters or… thinking about writing.

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Cyberlove series (co-written with Santino Hassell)
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Fast Connection

Santino Hassell

Santino Hassell was raised by a conservative family, but he was anything but traditional. He grew up to be a smart-mouthed, school cutting grunge kid, then a transient twenty-something, and eventually transformed into an unlikely romance author.

Santino writes queer romance that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences.

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Book 4: INTERBOROUGH (Coming October 2016)

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