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Strong Enough and Love At First Sight by Cardeno C - AUDIO TOUR!!

Strong Enough: Family Collection

 Written by: Cardeno C.

Narrated by: Ezekiel Robison

Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins

 Audio Clip: at-first- sight-retail- audio-sample


When a casual hookup turns into the potential for love, staid Spencer realizes he wants to build a life
with vibrant Emilio.

When 22-year- old Emilio Sanchez sees handsome Spencer Derdinger walking by his construction site,
Emilio makes it his goal to seduce the shy professor. Getting Spencer into bed isn't difficult, but Emilio
soon learns that earning the trust of a man deeply hurt will take time and patience. With a prize like
brilliant, sweet Spencer on the line, Emilio decides he is strong enough to face the challenge.

Spencer is surprised when he's approached by the gorgeous construction worker he's admired from the safety of his office window. Acting spontaneously for the first time in his 38 years, Spencer takes Emilio home. When the casual hookup turns into the potential for love, Spencer realizes that if he wants to build a life with Emilio, he'll need to be strong enough to slay his personal demons and learn to trust again.

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Bella's Review: 4 Stars
I listened to this book on audio and really enjoyed it. 

It was light and easy with very little angst or drama and it totally fit the bill for what I needed at the time. 

Emilio and Spencer meet when Emilio is doing construction work on the campus where Spencer is a math professor. Spencer keeps looking out his window at the strapping young stud working outside and he is completely clueless that Emilio too, is looking for him. 

Spencer is nerdy, neurotic and painfully shy. He has had his share of crappy boyfriends and has sort of given up on love. He just doesn't think its in the cards for him. When Emilio comes on to him, he can't really believe this is happening. Emilio is the most gorgeous man he has ever seen in real life. No way can he be interested in him. 

Emilio aims to seduce the nerdy professor but after spending some time with him, he decides Spencer might be the perfect guy for him. 

Warning: this is complete insta love, completely sweet and completely predictable. 

But I loved every minute of it!! 

Emilio was so perfect. Gorgeous, patient, kind, protective, understanding. Loved the maturity and confidence his character portrayed. Wish I could find a real life Emilio. 

Spencer, for all the talk of him being so intelligent, got a bit tongue tied around Emilio and didn't really say or do anything all that intelligent. But I was happy for him to find love. 

These two have great chemistry! 

The narrator did a great job with both characters - highly recommend the audio.


Love at First Sight: Home Collection, # 4

Written by: Cardeno C.

Narrated by: Alexander Collins

Length: 7 hrs and 10 mins

AUDIO CLIP - at-first- sight-retail- audio-sample


The moment naïve, optimistic Jonathan Doyle glimpses a gorgeous blue-eyed stranger from afar, he
believes in love at first sight. Unfortunately, he loses sight of the man before they meet and then spends
years desperately trying to find him. Just as he is about to give up, Jonathan gets a break and finally encounters David Miller face to face.

Successful, confident David turns Jonathan's previously lonely life into a fairy tale, giving him more than he ever imagined. But the years spent searching were hard on Jonathan, and he's terrified his young son and scandalous past will destroy his blossoming relationship. For David and Jonathan to build a future together, they'll both have to dig deep: David for the courage to share himself in a way he's never considered and Jonathan for the strength to tell the truth.

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Bella's Review: 3 stars
I listened to this audio book. The narrator, Alexander Collins, has narrated several of Cardeno C.'s audiobooks and I do like his style. 

Love at First Sight was difficult for me to get into. The beginning had several parts that made me want to shake Jonathan and slap some sense into him. (view spoiler) I wish Jonathan had a bit more of a spine. 

Here's the premise: Jonathan sees David through a window. He falls instantly in love with him. But the "blue eyed man" slips through his fingers. Jonathan Moves to New York determined to find him. 

After 3 years he gives up and moves back home. And he finds him. 

And David, taking one look at Jonathan, falls pretty much instantly in love with Jonathan. 

I admit, I was expecting David to react quite a bit differently to Jonathan's past, but this couple is pretty sweet together. They have scorching hot chemistry - I mean HOT!! 

While not very realistic, this book was entertaining. I enjoyed the second half of the book much more than I enjoyed the first half of the book.


Cardeno C. - CC to friends - is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few
"awwws" into a reader's day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer
work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno's stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to
paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.

Cardeno's Home, Family, and Mates series have received awards from Love Romances and More
Golden Roses, Rainbow Awards, the Goodreads M/M Romance Group, and various reviewers. But
even more special to CC are heartfelt reactions from readers, like, "You bring joy and love and make it part of the every day."

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Twitter -!/CardenoC

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