Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unattainable Review and Giveaway

UNATTAINABLE is the 3rd book in the Undeniable series, and with each book she manages to shock and awe me even more. These characters are not for the faint of heart, but you know what? I fucking love every single one of them. Each person has their own story, and each story is enough to break my heart. But with Madeline's writing, she can mend that broken heart like no other.

I started reading Unattainable and I came across this "Name's Gail, honey, but the boys call me Slitty. You wanna find out why?" Yep I totally died laughing at that!! If you are part of Deuce's Babes group you will know all about Slitty, and I just love her to pieces! She does so much to help promote authors and she doesn't ask for a thing in return, so here I am telling you Slitty how much I adore you and your fucking sense of humor. Babe, keep that shit coming, yeah?

So book 3 we get a little of everybody, but the main characters are Dirty and Ellie and Cage and Tegan. Of course we get plenty of Deuce too, because what would a book about Hell's Horsemen be without the Prez Deuce? I really wanted to junk punch Deuce quite a few times with how he treated Cage, but by the end, I realized why he was so hard on him

"Fuck it up, down, left, and right, fuck it straight to heaven and back down to hell, and then fuck it up the damn ass with Satan'a red-hot spiked tail."

 Dirty, how shall I even begin on Dirty? I knew from the first time I read of Dirty, that man's story would be heartbreaking. I mean, what grown adult doesn't take a bath or wash their clothes? Something terrible had to happen for him to be that way. And then when I get the full scoop on Dirty, I can't even begin to tell you how I was not expecting that shit...AT ALL! I loved how he became Ellie's protector, and how easily Ellie was able to deal with the demons he carried. Because trust me when I say that this man has some pretty fucked up demons in him. Not just anybody could deal with that.

"First order of business," Ripper said dryly. "Does Dirty need a new name?"

Cage and Tegan were my favorites in this book. I wish I could be more like Tegan, and just say anything and fuck the consequences. The things that came out of her mouth had me fucking cracking up the entire time.

Two words. Two stupid words and my stomach burst into a thousand butterflies, retarded butterflies, who didn't have a clue where they were going and were bumping into one another like drunken bumper car drivers.

Or things like this... Groaning he came quickly, more than likely a straight shot into her stomach considering she'd been champion deep-throating him like a sword swallowing porn star.

If you love raw, dirty, dark books, this is the series for you.

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  1. DEUCE he's the Prez of a kick ass MC he loves fiercely and he's my age (ish) and he's 50 Shades of SEXY :)

  2. Deuce because he's fine badass bicker and Prez of MC and im crazy about dimples!! He knows how to really love a woman and protect his family!!

  3. Deuce is my whole package and some :)))))

  4. I have not read these books yet but with an alpha biker male how could I go wrong with any of them!

  5. have not gotten the chance to read any of these yet, but they are on the top of my TBR list

  6. ah I love her characters but I don't want to be in a relationship with any of them, er they are quite scary....

    1. Haha Gloria your comment has me cracking up :)

  7. Have not yet read her books...but from all of the reviews I've seen any of the men would be a great choice!

  8. Love @MSheehanBooks She Rocks !!!!!

  9. Deuce, yeah I know I know. He's old, can be an absolute asshole, and he's just fucking down right crude. But there's just somethin about him and all the other guys that I just love. I think it's cause I may or may not have a crush on Madeline. You rock babe, keep that shit com in.

  10. Deuce, he sounds like one badass muthafu#@ker!!

  11. there is something about ripper i love

  12. Ripper because deep down he's a good guy and I love his alpha ways!


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