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Letters To Molly by @Devney Perry now LIVE!

Letters To Molly by Devney Perry


Molly Alcott didn’t expect to open her mailbox one summer morning and find an old letter stuffed between bills and a supermarket flyer. Penned in familiar handwriting, dated over fifteen years ago, the letter was written to Molly after her first date with the man she’ll never forget.

Week after week, new letters appear. Each marks an event in the history of their epic love affair. Each heals a wound. Each holds the confession of the man who still owns Molly’s heart.

The letters are full of promise, hope and love, but truth be told, Molly wishes she could unread them all.

Because the man who wrote these letters is not the one sending them.

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My love for Finn wasn’t going to stop. I could tell myself and others I wasn’t in love with Finn. It was all lies. I’d buried that love deep, shoving it down whenever it threatened to appear, but it was still there. It had always been there.

Letters to Molly is the second book in Devney Perry's Maysen Jar series. I was equal parts nervous and excited to read this. This book is about a divorced couple and I was anxious to see how it would work out and how it would make me feel. I shouldn't have been, I ended up loving it even more than the first!

Molly and Finn meet through Finn's sister and Molly's BFF Poppy. They hit it off right away and end up dating and falling in love. That leads to marriage, two kids, and a pretty great life. Their marriage isn't perfect, no ones is, but when Poppy's husband is killed things start to fall apart. Even though Molly did something some would consider the deal breaker for the marriage, I honestly felt like it was equally both of them. No matter who was at fault, they've been divorced for years and it's obvious after all those years, they're both still very much in love with one another.

Molly never thinks much of it. She's not moved on, she'll always love Finn but she knows she'll never have him again. Then, one day, a letter shows up in her mailbox. One written by Finn to her many years ago. Finn wrote the letter, but he wasn't the one who sent it to her. Both Finn and Molly try to figure out who is sending the letters, but it's to no avail. While all this is going on, they begin sleeping together again. It's just sex, until it's not. Let me tell you, things are about to get really complicated.

I loved Molly and Finn. I loved them both as parents and people. Reading their past made my heart hurt for their relationship together and the way things went and how they treated each other. I was never more happy to have a couple find a second chance at love. It's very rare that a couple that went through all that can come out the other side and make it work. But no one is more deserving of this second chance love story than Molly. I adored her. She's an amazing woman and was my favorite character in the book.

This wasn't an easy book to read. At times, it was difficult. It was emotional and heartwrenching, but also beautiful and heartwarming. This book will give you so many feels and comes highly recommended!!

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