Friday, March 8, 2019

Review: 5,331 Miles by Willow Aster

We spent a lifetime chasing firefly dreams 

Jaxson and I devised a life list when we were kids in Holmes Chapel. Just a few things on that list:

*Climb the Eiffel Tower.
*Visit every zoo in the world.
*Eat peanut butter every day.

But all the promises he made dissolved into dust, so when he comes around years later wanting to go live out our list, I want no part of it...or him. The universe seems to agree with me because everything we try is a disaster.

The heart though—it's a tricky beast; I'm just not sure mine is strong enough to survive Jaxson one more time.

Christy's Review:
   photo 60DB4714-C337-4235-B006-A348A2135D2D_zpsag9byu2d.png

Jaxson and Mirabelle’s story was a ride. It’s been a while since I’ve read such an angsty second chance romance. This one truly hooked me!

Jaxson and Belle have been friends since they were children. Their mothers are best friends as well. When Jaxson moves to America, it feels like Belle’s life is ending. Then, she and her mom pick up and move there just a year later. Their friendship feels a little different though. Jaxson is a year older than Belle and has a girl friend. Belle doesn’t feel like she fits in anymore. Due to a lot of crazy things happening, Belle and Jax sort of fall out of their friendship in high school.

Now, Belle is in college. Jax is back in town and determined to make things right. But let me tell you, Belle really makes him work for it. And for that, I say good. He deserves to grovel some. Jax was young and dumb in some of the older chapters. I mean, I adored the kid, I really did, but there were moments I wanted to slap him silly. Both of these characters made mistakes, they’re not perfect. But the friendship and love they have for one another just might be. I loved the list they had. It was what brought Belle back to Jax and it was fun to watch them attempt to cross items off of it.

This book alternated chapters from past to present. I, for one, am usually not a fan of that. For some reason, it worked really well with this book. Every time a past chapter ended, I needed more from the past to piece together what happened. And every time I was in the present I didn’t want it to end because I was dying to see where things were headed.

5,331 Miles had angst, but it also had loads of emotion, and was a sweet story of friendship and romance. I really enjoyed this one and recommend to all lovers of friends to lovers romance, first loves, and second chance romance!
“You are my forever. You always will be. I knew it as a kid, and I know it more than ever as a man.”

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