Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Down to You is LIVE!

We're celebrating the release of DOWN TO YOU by Jayne Frost! Get your one-click finger ready and binge read today!

DOWN TO YOU (Sixth Street Band #5)

Contemporary Romance/Rocker Romance
Cover Designer: Steamy Designs

Stand Alone
September 4, 2018

She started from perfect. A star who shone brighter than the rest.
But then fate took it all away.
Now she’s broken.
A beautiful song with a fractured beat.

But I’m still on the rise.
Chasing a dream that she’s already left behind.
If I’m lucky, I can find my redemption in the spotlight.

Destiny brought us together.
Put her in my path.

It started with a road trip.

But somewhere along the line, it became a journey from here to there.

Maybe she can help me.
Maybe we can help each other.
Maybe music is enough.

Every story deserves a soundtrack.
And ours is epic.

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About the Author:

Jayne  Frost,  author  of  the  Sixth  Street  Bands  Romance  Ser

ies,  grew  up  in  California  with  a  dream  of 

moving  to  Seattle  to  become  a  rock  star.  When  the  grung

e  thing  didn

t  work  out  (she  never  even 

made  it  to  the  Washington  border)  Jayne  set  her  sights 

on  Austin,  Texas.  After  quickly  becoming 

immersed  in  the  Sixth  Street  Music  scene


and  discovering  she  couldn

t  actually  sing,  Jayne 

decided  to  do  the  next  best  thing

write  kick  ass  romances  about  hot  rockstars  and  the  women  that

steal  their  hearts.   

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ead  all  about  her  musical  influences.
Jayne Frost, author of the Sixth Street Bands Romance Series, grew up in California with a dream of moving to Seattle to become a rock star. When the grunge thing didn’t work out (she never even made it to the Washington border) Jayne set her sights on Austin, Texas. After quickly becoming immersed in the Sixth Street Music scene…and discovering she couldn’t actually sing, Jayne decided to do the next best thing—write kick ass romances about hot rockstars and the women that steal their hearts.

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Visit Jayne’s website: http://www.jaynefrost.com/

where you can drop her a line, scope out her pics, and read all about her musical influences.

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