Friday, July 13, 2018

REVIEW: Jackal by Fisher & Aster

Jackal Emerson has never taken himself seriously. Dubbed the “orgy king,” he’s renowned for his reputation as the wild End Man. But with the uprising on the horizon and his best friend missing, Jackal is having a hard time living the same carefree existence. 

And then he meets a thief and everything changes.

Phoenix Moyo, principal dancer of a notorious ballet company, lives a life of rigidity. When her world collides with Jackal’s, their chemistry is evident to everyone except her. Forced to work with him to steal the most precious commodity of the Regions, she realizes too late that there is no escaping Jackal’s charisma. 

When unimaginable crimes come to light, the Regions begin to crumble. No one is safe. Families divide and secrets are exposed, danger running rampant on every side. For some, sacrifice costs everything.

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Christy's Review: 

In a world where you're given everything, the thing they tell you not to want is what you want the most.
Jackal by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster was a highly anticipated read for me. After reading Folsom, I needed to see what happened. I love this writing duo. The fluidity of their words reads like only one person wrote it, and I love that about it.

Jackal is known as ‘the orgy king’. He’s the wildest, most fun-loving of the End Men. He’s always seemed to be the one who enjoyed their job the most. Then he meets his little thief, Phoenix. Phoenix is a ballet dancer and the last thing she’s looking for is someone like Jackal. But things between them take a turn she never expects. I loved Phoenix. She was a strong heroine. That’s what I love about these books most. Even though the End Men are great, the heroines steal the show for me.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a dystopian series, and most of the ones I’ve read are YA. I love that this one is geared towards adults. It’s steamy and intriguing. It’s one of those books you don’t want to put down. You’ve got to know what happens next with these characters and their story. I’m completely invested.

This book brought out all kinds of anxiety in me. I was on pins in needles here! It’s sinfully sexy, angsty, and character driven. Though some of my questions were answered, after reading, I have even more now! I’m not sure what End Men will be next, but I need to know what happens with all these characters- not just Jackal and Phoenix, but Folsom and Gwen as well.

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