Thursday, April 26, 2018

Unforgivable by Isabel Love is LIVE!

Title: Unforgivable
Author: Isabel Love
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2018


There are certain things that are unforgivable…
Falling for your brother’s best friend is one of them.

That isn’t the worst thing I’ve done, though.
Not even close.

Shame and guilt follow me everywhere.
Except when I’m with him.

With him, I can breathe again.
Smile again. Love again.

But he has no idea what I've done...

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5 stars!!!


“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Unforgivable is the third book I've read by Isabel Love. Each book I read by this author is better than the last, and this is my favorite one by far! I love books that hit me right in the feels, and Unforgivable did just that. An emotional story of love, friendship, growth, and forgiveness- this one hit all my love buttons!

Anna and Wes meet when they're just kids in middle school. Wes quickly becomes best friends with Anna's brother, and he and Anna become close friends as well. Anna quickly starts to fall for Wes, but Wes's life is complicated. He doesn't have the easiest childhood and that factors into the decisions he makes and the things that he does. One of my favorite things about this book was seeing into Wes and Anna's past. I loved watching their interactions growing up.  As they get older though, they change. Things change between them, but they always stay close.

This book made me think about choices, about mistakes, and about forgiveness. Is there anything you can think of that you consider unforgivable? Any mistake you could make that truly cannot be forgiven? Anna has made a mistake that is that big in her eyes. No matter what, she can't move past it and she can't forgive herself. Wes isn't perfect, either. He's made mistakes in his past as well. As tough as these two are on themselves, I loved that they never held each others past mistakes against one another.

I’ve always been hers. I always will be.

Wes and Anna had the most delicious slow burn romance. I am used to hot and sexy from Love, but this book was just... more. It was so much more that that. The story was real, raw, and had depth. Of course there were some sexy scenes, but the build up was the best part! Anna and Wes had a love story that was beautiful, unconditional, and a bit forbidden, as Wes is her brother's best friend. Their connection was just there from the very start. I felt it. This story captivated me. It broke my heart at times, but also managed to uplift me. Wes and Anna are both amazing characters. Wes was seriously the sweetest, and I found Anna to be truly lovable and completely relateable in a lot of ways. I loved Anna's entire family and friends as well.

Unforgivable is a story of healing, first loves, mistakes, forgiveness, and learning to let go and move on from your mistakes. It brought me to tears more than once, but in the end, it made my heart so happy! For all my friends who love brother's best friend books, emotional books, and slow-burn romances, I can't recommend this story to you enough! I give it 5 stars, and I can't wait to see what Isabel Love has in store for us next!!
Our story isn’t simple. Our past is riddled with pain and mistakes. But it brought us to each other.


Author Bio

Isabel Love is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading about two people falling in love, overcoming whatever obstacles they may face, and finding their happily ever after. A husband, two kids, and a full-time job keep her busy by day, but by night, she can be found with her Kindle in hand, reading “just one more chapter”.

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