Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Thank You Note

While on Goodreads the other day I noticed that I am pushing up on having read 1,000 books. 1,000 BOOKS!!!  I can't even believe it, that's a TON of books!

When I was a teenager I didn't have cable or a phone to talk to my friends. I had my books and a radio to listen to. Of course my reading tastes have changed a bunch since then. HA! I started out with R.L. Stine and Stephen King and then moved on to Nicholas Sparks and Stephanie Meyer. Then of course Mr. Grey happened by E.L. James and it opened up a whole other world of romance for me.

My point in this post is to say a huge thank you to all the others who put themselves out there and publish your words!! Without you my life would be boring! 

Now there is no way I could mention every author by name but I wanted to give a special 
shout out to the authors that I've read the most. These authors are ones who I've read 5 or more books by.

My number 1 most read author is K.A. Linde and I've LOVED every book I've read by her. That's 18 books read that she's written. There are a few more I need to knock off my list and I will get to those soon! The book that started my obsession with her writing is Avoiding Commitment. If you love angsty reads then this author is for you! She is the #angstqueen for a reason!

Now Stephen King is my second most read author coming in with 13 books. My favorite by him is The Talisman, and I've read it 3 times since I was 16. I'm amazed at his writing ability and being able to take me out of my comfort zone. I own all his books turned movies in DVD as well. My favorite book turned movie or tv series would have to be The Mist. That ENDING!!!

J.R. Ward is my next most read author coming in with 12 books read. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is absolutely amazing! So far my favorite brother is Zsadist in Lover Awakened. I still have quite a few books to go in this series and I will get to them soon!

Nicole Williams comes in at number 4 with 11 books read, but I'm currently reading a book by her now so she will be tied with the number 3 spot once I'm done with Exes With Benefits. My favorite book by her would be Collared, that book blew me away. My favorite quote from that book is "Try Again. Fail again. Fail Better." 

Katy Evans is tied in that number 4 spot with Nicole Willilams. Katy will always have a special place on my reading shelf because she gave me Remington Tate. That book still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. Remy will always be my #1 book boyfriend.

Whitney G is one of those authors who snuck up on me. I read her first series Mid-Life Love and fell in love with her writing, but then I got an email with a review request for Reasonable Doubt. I can still remember what it felt like reading that blurb. Holy smokes and did she EVER DELIVER! Andrew the dirty talking lawyer!

I have several tied for the next spot. Penelope Ward, Kristen Ashley, Sarina Bowen, Vi Keeland and Helena Hunting. Now these authors have a very special place on my bookshelves. Especially Vi Keeland and Helena Hunting. They are 2 of my favorite authors ever! I've read 9 books each from all of these authors. 

8 books from these authors. KI Lynn, Mariana Zapata, Stylo Fantome, Emma Chase, Nicole Edwards and Olivia Cunning. Now with Mariana Zapata, every book has been a 5 star read for me. She's at the top of my favorite authors. Stylo Fantome has all 5 stars except for one and it was a 4 star book.

There are 12 authors tied in the next position with 7 books total being read by each one.
Kylie Scott, Michelle Valentine, Stephanie Meyer, Tillie Cole, Corinne Michaels, Jayne Rylon, Colleen Hoover, Kelly Favor, R.K. Lilley, Rachel Van Dyken, Ginger Voight and Beth Kerry.

Next up is authors with 6 books read by each. L.J. Smith, K. Bromberg, Tijan, Penny Reid, Samantha Towle, Jaci Burton and Amy Harmon. Amy Harmon is another author that every book I've read by her has been 5 stars. 3 of her books make up my top 10 favorite books EVER! 

Lastly here are the authors that I've read 5 books from.
Jasinda Wilder, Erin Watt, Sylvia Day, Aubrey Bondurant, Lauren Lilley, T.L. Swan,  A.J. Pine, Jodi Ellen Malpas, J.M. Darhower, S.C. Stephens, Joanna Wylde, J.C. Valentine, Cherise Sinclair, Chantal Fernado, Madeline Sheehan and Jay Crownover.


This thank you is for every author out there. It isn't limited to just the ones I've read. There are so many out there and I want each and every one of you to feel appreciated. Never give up and know there are several thousands of readers out there for you!! ~Reanell

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