Monday, April 3, 2017

Two Point Conversion is LIVE!!!

Release Date: April 3, 2017
Genre: Erotic M/F/M novella

A virgin ménage romance

Lifelong best friends and Rosewood's legendary assistant football coaches, Macon Ray and Rhett Hunt have shared everything their entire lives--even their women. But their days of manwhoring and sleeping around have come to an end. Ready to settle down, they set their sights on the only girl who they want to complete their trio. Caroline Taylor, the head coach’s daughter. Now that she’s finally turned 18, they can no longer resist their mutual desire for the beautiful, petite blonde in pigtails.

She’s young.
She’s innocent.
And she’s completely theirs.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

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If your looking for a quick read that’s insanely hot, sweet at times, and actually has a story to go along with it, one-click Two Point Conversion ASAP!

The story starts with 18 year old Caroline Taylor. Caroline just graduated high school. She was the head coaches daughter and officially off limits to all the football players, so it’s no surprise, she’s a virgin. That is something she wants to change ASAP. The teams assistant coaches, Rhett and Macon have had their eye on Caroline for some time. They share woman, and this particular woman is the one they want…

Were the rumors true? All signs point to yes. Did they really share everything? Sure seems like it. Would they want to share me? Dear sweet baby Jesus, please make it so.

I thought all the characters in this story were great. I loved both they guys. They were both different in their own way and it worked. The three of them together just worked. 

I love Tessa Teevan’s writing so when I heard she was co-writing a naughty novella, I knew I had to read it! I loved that the story didn’t jump straight into sex like some of these sexy novellas do. The tension built up and the moment it combusted was perfect. There was just enough sex and just enough story. A perfect combination!

Two Point Conversion took me around an hour to read, and what an hour it was! If you’re in the mood for a sexy menage this is one you don't want to miss out on!

“You…” she swallowed hard, her widened blue eyes darting back and forth between Macon and me. As she drew her lower lip in between her teeth, my dick trembled, twitched, and grew nearly twice its size. God, she affected me so easily. So incredibly. I was about to pounce when she finally found her voice. “Do you do this a lot?”
The words came out in a rush, and this time when she bit her lip, I nearly groaned. My eyes flicked to Macon, and we exchanged a knowing look--both aware of how fragile this situation was. How innocent and vulnerable our sweet Caroline was. I knew we had to tread carefully, but even still, we knew we had to be completely honest. If this was going to go anywhere, honesty was essential. But fuck me, I didn’t know how patient I could be.
The first time I saw Caroline I was nearly knocked on my feet. Macon and I’d just gotten back to town, and we were on the field checking out the turf.
We hadn’t even noticed a girl was running the stairs until she nearly collided with us.
I’d wrapped my arms around her waist to keep her from falling. When her widened blue eyes had blinked up at me, my heart nearly stopped beating. My dick had instantly hardened. It was as if my heart and body knew she was meant to be mine.
I’d nearly growled when she stepped back from me and out of my arms.
The ferocity of my need to claim her immediately caught me off guard. I’d never felt that way for another woman. Daddy had always told me I’d know the one when I met her. I just hadn’t known it would hit me that hard. That quick. That intense.
Macon had to have noticed. I felt his elbow before hearing his word. “Settle.”

Author Bio
Liane Moore is the erotic alter-ego duo of contemporary romance author Tessa Teevan and an incredibly dirty mind who prefers to be known as M. Friends for ages, it was when they bonded over those big, blue aliens they knew they were meant to write together. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have intergalactic relations of their own one day.

Virgin. Ménage. Forbidden. Breeding. Pick your poison. Liane Moore combines their love of steam and happily-ever-afters to write a fantasy for every woman. Stay tuned for so much more.


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