Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review: The Best Man by Barbie Bohrman

Christy's 4 star review: 

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The Best Man was a fun, sexy, and sweet story! I loved Barbie’s take on ‘The Best Man’ and how it was thrown into this story-line. It made for a highly entertaining and slightly angsty read that I enjoyed very much.

Veronica Webber is recently divorced and now living in the big city. She’s starting over and doing things on her own terms. One night, she decides to go out on her own and she gets a blast from the past at the bar she’s at. Trevor Allen is there. Trevor used to be good friends with Vern’s ex. In fact, he was the best man at their wedding. 

What Veronica doesn't know, is that from the first time Trevor laid eyes on Veronica, almost a decade ago, she left a strong and lasting impression. Trevor is a bit of a ladies man and doesn’t really do relationships, but he and Veronica become close friends. The feelings that Trevor has always had for Vern come boiling close to the surface…
I’ve heard that half the battle was admitting when you had a problem. So here I was admitting that I had a problem, and it was this: I was in over my head with Veronica.

It was great to see Veronica and Trevor together. I loved their banter, the way their friendship grew, and the chemistry they had was palpable. It’s a bit taboo to start something in these circumstances, but Vern and Trevor can’t help the way they feel.

There is a bit of angst towards the end, but nothing too over the top. The drama was just enough to keep you fully engaged. I loved the way Trevor went to win Vern back after he screwed up. Heck, I just loved Trevor period! Veronica was great, too.

If you’re looking for a book that’s a lot of fun, has some steam and some laughs, I recommend giving this one a go!
“You’re mine, Veronica...and I’m yours.”


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