Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Brutal Game by Cara McKenna: 4 star review!

4 stars!

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I read Willing Victim almost four years ago. And I still remember most of the story line and details about the characters. For as many books as I’ve read in-between, I’m pretty impressed with this fact and I think it speaks volumes about the story. The sequel was different than I expected it to be, and didn’t quite have that same punch as Willing Victim. It was much more emotional, but don’t worry… it was still steamy as all get out!

Michael Flynn is a fighter and has some taboo tendencies when it comes to the bedroom. When he met Laurel, he never expected for someone to accept him, or to ever have a real relationship with someone where he could be himself. I love that Laurel gives that to him. Flynn is fantastic and has such a big heart. I love that he finds that. Laurel has her own issues, but she’ working hard to overcome them and to get where she wants to be in life. I’m happy for her that she has someone who loves her and supports her unconditionally. I completely adore these two together.

I usually love emotion in books, but for some reason, many parts of this one left me feeling a little sad, and that’s not the mindset I expected to be in while reading this story. However, by the end, I had a great big smile on my face, and I’m so very happy we got this conclusion to Flynn and Laurel’s story! I give Brutal Game 4 stars and I think most fans of Laurel and Flynn’s story will be happy with this conclusion. I know I was!

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