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Doctor Bad Boy by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller - RELEASE DAY!!!!

Title: Doctor Bad Boy
Series: Frisky Beaver #2
Authors: Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: BoothHaller Books (self-published)
Release Date: October 18, 2016



The first time I met Violet Roberts, she gave me her submission for the night. The second time I met her, it was across a boardroom and man, was she pissed.
Now she insists we have a “conflict of interest”. She wants us to “move forward like grown-ups.”
But I can’t forget our single, scorching night together—when what I wanted and how I wanted it wasn’t a problem, because it nailed all her kinky buttons, too.

Max Donovan is a dirty, dirty man. Deliciously so. But the former child TV star turned renowned paediatrician and best friend to the prime minister is also my client.
One of us needs to be responsible, and it’s not going to be him.
So why can’t I forget how utterly incredible it was to be at his mercy? And what am I going to do when he takes his pursuit to the next level?

* A serious case of a one-night stand gone wrong (but not until after it went very, very right).

* Healthy boundaries and a double-dose of will power.
* Should that plan fail, the second course of treatment would be an air-tight contract and a solid cover story.

* Real doctors and lawyers will likely be appalled at the professional infractions inside this (thankfully fictional) erotic romance. We recommend they start with Prime Minister, the first book in the Frisky Beavers series. By the time they finish Gavin and Ellie’s book, they’ll be so enamoured with Max that they’ll forgive his transgressions in the pursuit of his filthy happily ever after ending.




“Are you waiting for someone?” His voice is deep and smooth. It matches him.
He’s handsome in an almost impossible way. Chiseled face, warm eyes, a nose that may have been broken once, but he's better looking for it. His lips look soft, his jaw hard. He’s a big man, in his height and across his shoulders, but the rest of him looks built for speed. A fighter who might dance on his toes. A sprinter who could chase the wind.
I give him a soft, sultry smile that feels surprisingly natural. “I might be waiting for you.”
“I’m Max.”
I hold out my hand. “Very nice to meet you, Max.”
He gives me an up and down appraisal, which on any other night I’d have found super creepy. Or at least, from any other man. But he has this look about him—a familiarity and a kindness, maybe. Except the way he’s looking at me isn’t kind.
It’s hot and dirty.
“And you are…?” He gives my hand a little squeeze as he lets go, his thumb trailing down my index finger.
I press my thighs together. I want to feel that electric stroke right between my legs. On my ass. Across my nipples. “Whoever you want me to be.”

Bella's review: 5 stars!!!
I am so addicted to this series!!!!!! 

First of all, Prime Minister was an AMAZING read - if you haven't read that book, please start there. 

Doctor Bad Boy is the second book in the Frisky Beavers series, but it can be read as a standalone as it is about a different couple. (But why would you want to miss out on the amazingness of the first book??)

Max and Violet are such an amazing couple!!!

DBB starts out with some kinky sex. It's hella hot and completely captured my attention. 

And then.

The characters became more than just sexy, kinky people. Max is so complex, his past, his job, his feelings for Violet. And Violet, she is so strong. 

What starts as a one night stand turns into a sex only relationship. She is his lawyer, he is her client. The whole thing is a conflict of interest. But neither one can forget the night they shared before there was a conflict of interest. 

Sex only - HAH! You know what happens next. 

I loved watching these characters find their HEA. 

Max is amazing. 

Violet is too. 

I will never think of markers or pomegranates the same way again!

AND that ending!!!!! The teaser for the next book has me wishing I could warp time and get to March 2017 already!!!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!! I'm DYING for the next book in the series. 

Bottom line:
Hot sexy with an extra large dose of kinky - check
Super hot alpha male - check
Tons of sex that turns into complicated feelings - check
HEA with some twists and turns along the way - check

One click now. Highly recommend!!!


Prime Minister (Frisky Beavers #1)

Ainsley Booth
Mom by day and filthy romance writer by night, Ainsley Booth is super grateful for caffeine, banana and blueberry muffins, and yoga pants
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Sadie Haller:
Surrounded by mist-covered mountains, Sadie Haller lives a quiet life with her husband and fur-babies.

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