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Furious Rush by SC Stephens is LIVE!



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Furious Rush is one of those books that left me feeling a little conflicted after reading. There were parts of this book I really loved, characters I adored, yet also some things that didn’t work for me. I love SC Stephen’s writing and when I saw she had a new book coming out, I jumped all over it. This is a story of forbidden love with some angst- right up my alley!

Mackenzie Cox’s life revolves around racing. It’s in her blood. As the daughter of a racing coach and legend, she has high expectations to do well her first year of professional racing. The stakes are high for her. Her father’s racing company isn’t doing as well as it once did and they need wins. When she meets Hayden Hayes, a new racer from a rival team with a somewhat sketchy past, she knows she needs to stay away. No matter how strong the attraction she feels for him, it can’t go anywhere. They are banned from fraternizing with this specific team Hayden is on and it could be the end of both of their racing careers if they gave in to their desires.

The problem here is Mackenzie isn’t only insanely attracted to Hayden, he pushes her, makes her a better racer. Racing against him makes her race better. Race faster. When she hits her best times, she’s racing against him or practicing alongside. And their attraction just grows and grows the more time they spend with one another. It’s clear they can’t stay away from each other, even though being together in any capacity is completely forbidden.

As much as I understood Mackenzie, her character did frustrate me quite a bit throughout the story. I got why she was the way she was, and when she started to come around I was happy, but for so long, I wasn’t happy with some of her actions. Hayden on the other hand, I truly did adore. He did some things that were wrong, but he had good reasons to do them. I loved this couple together and Mackenzie finally came around, I really did love the way she handled things at the end.

Let's talk about that ending a bit. When I started reading this book, it was under the assumption that it was a stand-alone. After the ending, it’s pretty clear it is not. Although it’s not listed as a series, and there was no huge cliffhanger, there were so many things unresolved there has to be a second book. I hate going into a book with the mindset I’m going to get a conclusion to my story and be satisfied at the end, and then surprise! I’m not.

If you’re looking for a sports romance that’s focused on forbidden love and is angsty and full of sexual tension- pick this one up! SC Stephen’s writing is top notch as always and Hayden Hayes is someone you don’t want to miss out on meeting!

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Reanell's review

3.5-4 stars

Okay. This book was slow up until around the 60% mark. It wasn't a slow burn, just slow to grasp me and pull me into the story. There is A LOT of backstory that has to he told. Around the 60% mark Things picked up and I was hooked. 

I really enjoyed the female rider aspect, and how bad ass MacKenzie was. I mean, female street bike racer, how much more bad ass could you get?! The love/hate relationship with Hayden was intriguing. You could feel the sexual tension dripping off the pages. 

Hayden Hayes. YUMMY. I LOVED how he pushed Kenzie to race better, and how they both raced better together. Hayden was so sweet and yet so COCKY! That's the best book boyfriend! 

And that ENDING! Way to keep me on my toes SC Stephens! Overall I really enjoyed this book, even with the slow start. The storyline is unique and well written. Now I'll be im-patiently waiting for the next one! 

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