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Poesy by Mary Elizabeth is LIVE!!! My 5 star review and Giveaway!

Title: Poesy

Series: A Low Novella

Author: Mary Elizabeth

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: By Hang Le 

 Release Date: June 19, 2016

Christy's 5-Star Review:

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Lowen and Poesy are a very special couple to me. When I read their story, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It stayed on my mind for weeks. So of course I was anxious to get more of their story. Poesy is a prequel written from Poe’s POV.

We all know how hard Low had it growing up. He grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and there were times his family couldn’t pay rent or they didn’t have enough to eat. It was always assumed that Poesy had it much easier, and maybe she did when it came to those things. But there were things that Low had that she never had. Not until she met and fell in love with Lowen.

“I don’t live like you do, Poesy.”

“Tell me how it feels,”

“To struggle? To not know where your next meal will come from of if you’ll be able to pay the rent? You don’t want to know how that feels.”

“No, tell me how it feels to live with people who love you.”
It just breaks your heart, right? I love Poesy and Low so much. Poe has a lot of strength and determination. I loved seeing things from her perspective. What she was willing to do and the security she was willing to give up to be with the man she loved.

Mary Elizabeth’s writing is something special. It’s always lyrical, beautiful and has that unique quality that no one else has. I will read anything she writes for that reason alone. It doesn’t hurt that her stories are also fantastic. I loved getting more of Low and Poe and their epic love story. It’s not the most traditional romance, but their love is beautiful and I loved every second of reading this one.

“Even crooks love.”

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Living on the right side of the tracks can be cruel.

  Poesy Ashby lives a dysfunctional life to prove it. Determined not to turn out like her parents, she’s gives up seeking their approval and focuses on breaking free. But abiding by the rules is nearly impossible when corruption is in your blood.

  Before Poesy Ashby becomes a renegade on the run, she is a girl from the suburbs who finds acceptance for the first time in the most unexpected place: between rose petals and thorns.

  Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on her love story.

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Author Bio

Mary Elizabeth is an up and coming author who finds words in chaos, writing stories about the skeletons hanging in your closets.

Known as The Realist, Mary was born and raised in Southern California. She is a wife, mother of four beautiful children, and dog tamer to one enthusiastic Pit Bull and a prissy Chihuahua. She's a hairstylist by day but contemporary fiction, new adult author by night. Mary can often be found finger twirling her hair and chewing on a stick of licorice while writing and rewriting a sentence over and over until it's perfect. She discovered her talent for tale-telling accidentally, but literature is in her chokehold. And she's not letting go until every story is told.

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