Sunday, April 10, 2016

Roots and Wings by M. Mabie: Blog Tour!

Roots and Wings- ‘low on drama, high on love’. I would say the author gave a pretty accurate description of her book right there. A standalone, small town romance that was sweet and fun to read. This was my first M. Mabie book and I found it to be refreshing. It was nice to pick up a light and sweet read that held my interest with a strong heroine and a swoony hero. 

When Vaughn moved to Wynne, he expected things to be different. He expected to come with a fiancé. But he’s alone, getting ready to start work as the new town dentist. One thing he doesn’t expect is her. Mutt O’Fallon. She works in her dad’s garage, and is a bit of a tomboy, but she is friendly, sweet and helpful when Vaughn needs help the most. He is not used to this small town hospitality and he’s never met anyone like Mutt. They become fast friends and with time, the feelings develop.

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Vaughn and Mutt have two very different lives. Mutt has lived in the same small town with her dad all her life. She loves to fish, work at the garage and is comfortable with herself. Vaughn has never lived in a small town like this. He’s a dentist and is getting used to small town life. I loved all the parts where Mutt would take him fishing, show him around town etc. Vaughn seemed to fit in fast in the town of Wynne. And he and Mutt really clicked. You could feel their connection.

Mabie did a great job with these two characters. Both were extremely likable. They were relatable, as was the story. Sometimes, it’s nice to know upfront that there will be no cheating, no angst, no drama and that the story will be about regular people. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I live for the angst and the feels- but every once in a while, a delightful, sweet and sexy romance is just what I need! This one gets 4 stars from me!

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