Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Year of Falling in Love by Jessica Sorensen

The Year of Falling in Love by Jessica Sorensen is LIVE on Amazon 

Christy's Review:

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The Year of Falling in Love is the second book of Isabella Anders. I read the first book a few weeks ago, and I was so excited to dig into this one. Honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to wait for book 3! I am so curious to what is going to happen with Isa’s situation.

There is a lot going on in Isabella Anders life. After her Dad and Lynn threaten to send her to a reform school, she is able to move in with her Grandma Stephy and cousin Indigo. She’s still trying to find out about her past, her life, and most importantly, her mother. She’s got her long time crush Kyler in the picture, and her best friend (who she’s also got some feelings for), Kyler’s brother, Kai. Oh yes. I love it. Kai is trying to help Isa the best he can. They may be ‘just friends’ but Kai is the guy she feels safe with, the one she feels butterflies with.

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Did I mention that Kai is my favorite? I adore him! Jessica Sorensen writes some of my favorite YA/NA’s. I love that she mixes romance, a tad bit of mystery, some self discovery and also a bit of the feels in this series. I enjoyed it lots, and I really hope the next installment comes out soon! I need to know who is up to what... who’s in that blue car etc.

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