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4 stars for Entranced Part One by Jessica Sorensen

Entranced: Part One (Guardian Academy, #1)Entranced: Part One by Jessica Sorensen
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4 stars!

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I fell in love with Alex and Gemma’s story in Shattered Promises. It’s a fantastic paranormal series. When I heard Jessica Sorensen was doing a spin off with their child, Alana, I knew I had to read it straight away. As an fyi- you can read this as a stand-alone, but I felt like I connected better to the story and characters because I had read the original series.

Alana comes from a family of powerful Keeper’s and she’s just waiting- waiting until she gets her mark. The thing that will signify her strength, power and place in the family. The mark she gets isn’t what she’s expecting. Alana has only ever thought being a Keeper is in her future, to find out she’s been given the mark of a Guardian is quite a shock.

Alana was a wonderful character. I loved her strength, wit and determination. It was great to see more of the characters I loved from the original series and I’m very interested to learn more about this Jaxon that Alana has been paired with at the Academy.

Entranced ended in a bit of a cliffy, but that didn’t shock me. It’s one of those endings where you’re super anxious to read the next book. So please, Jessica- don’t make us wait too long! I very much enjoyed the start of this paranormal story and I’m looking forward to reading more!!!

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